Sore Abs and Bruised Ego

As the title of my blog clearly states, I’m all about “keeping it real”, and that is the goal of this blog…showcasing the ups, downs,  and randomness that an ordinary everyday girl might have.

With that being said, let’s get this party started with a little story about my day.

I went to bed last night with some goals. Goals of *finally* starting my blog, goals of getting organized, and most importantly, goals of starting a new fitness routine.  You see, I’ve been toying with the idea of adding strength training into my life.  Up until recently, I was, how shall I say this….? A bit of a “cardio snob”.  I turned my nose up at strength training, and wanted no part of it.  With my recent birthday, and therefore major wisdom that now comes with my ripe old age of *gasp* twenty-six, I’ve come to my senses and decided I want a balanced fitness regimen.

This morning, I woke up bright and early (darn you internal alarm clock, it’s my “day off!”), laced up the ‘sneaks and hit the road for the 5mi drive to the gym.  This was my second attempt at this new gym (I recently moved in with my brother and joined his gym…another story for another time!) and second attempt with body pump.  I was MUCH less apprehensive about the class, since I got my feet wet last week!  Additionally, I was going mid-morning and knew I would be joining what I like to call the “rural housewives” (hey, I live in a very po-dunk town…rural is fitting!), and elderly individuals.  I walk into class, and sure enough, my visions were spot on.  I confidently grab my equipment (bench, bar, weights), take my place at the back of the room, and get ready to get my pump on. 

About mid-way through the workout, I’m starting to “feel the burn”.  At this point, I’m convinced it’s because I’m working SO hard….with my 10lbs of  weights and bar.  I’m feeling great! Confident! STRONG!  I glance over to the cute little old lady next to me that could pass for my grandmother, who is clearly pushing 80, and my confidence bubble is immediately burst.  Not only is she wielding her bar like there are pillows strapped to the ends, but she has MORE weight on than I do (by 10lbs!!!). 

I try to keep my composure and finish the class strong, but besides my abs burning, my ego is SERIOUSLY hurting at this point.

I walked out of class knowing today is a day of change, and a great day to start the documentation of this change.

Although my ego is a bit bruised, and my gluts are screaming as I type this…I am beyond excited to get back to that body pump class and join my little elderly friend in getting and staying fit!

I hope you enjoyed my little story of the day.  I can promise you this, there are many more where that came from!  I’m just keeping it real! =0)



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