AAL = Awesome at Life

Awesome at Life (or AAL) is something you will see me refer to often on this blog.  It is a phrase my BMF (best male friend, hehehe) and I came up with to describe all the crazy/random/strange things that are a daily occurrence with me…or anyone for that matter.  From spilling coffee down your work clothes the moment you arrive at work, to having a telephone pole fall on your car WHILE driving (both of which have might or might not have happened to me).

If you’ve read my “About Me” section, or know me IRL, you know that AAL moments are habitual, and often occur multiple times a day! It’s not something I’m proud of, but it isn’t something I’m ashamed of, either.  It definitely keeps my days/nights interesting.

Speaking of keeping things interesting, did I mention I backed into a pole while leaving the bike trail after my run tonight? Oh, well, I did.  My top AAL moment of the day, for sure!

Let me paint a little picture of the scene for you:

It’s a little after 7:00pm, and I finally hit the trail for a nice and easy 5mi run.  The run (plus mile or so cool down walk) is done shortly after 8.  I get back to my car, survey the area (gotta make sure no one is hiding in my backseat, you know, the norm) and put the car in reverse to back up.  Every single time I park at the trail, I think of how awful it would be to back into one of the poles that surround the parking area.  Every single time I park at the trail, I make sure I am far, far away from said poles.  Every single time, except tonight.

Tonight was different.  As I put my car into reverse, and slowly start backing out I start to hear an unfamiliar sound.  It’s not the crunching of the gravel that normally accompanies my departure from the trail…it sounds more like a screeching noise.  Screeching noise continues, however, my car does not.  I automatically assume my car is stuck on one of the metal grates that decorates the parking area, so I give my car MORE gas (the engine now revving, and people from the trail stopping to look).  I figure they must be looking because it must be quite a sight to see; girl in her girly-girl car revving the engine like a teenage boy who just got his license. Soon though, a young man (and his wife) watching me from the trail start yelling, and waving their arms.  This.can’t.be.good.

I put the car in park, and get out to see why they are trying to get my attention, automatically thinking (nay, HOPING) I must have dropped my garmin, waterbottle, or something…anything…. Although I KNOW deep down I’ve wrecked into something.  I just don’t want to believe it. Sure enough, nice man from the trail takes me to the other side of my car (I was afraid to look alone) and I see that one of the poles I so cautiously avoid on a normal day has taken up residence wedged into the side of my car.

Nice man helps me un-wedge my car (oh, did I mention, I’m already basically a pro at un-wedging cars from things, seeing as a similar event happened with a giant circular planter in Highschool).  He politely tries to console me and subdue my “I am SO stupid!” comments, but all I wanted to do was flee the scene.  He offers some words of advice, and tells me to tell the insurance company that someone “hit and run” my car.  Thanks nice man, but given my AAL-ness, I don’t think that is advisable.  I don’t want my NEXT AAL moment to be spent in jail, due to insurance fraud.  It was a nice thought, though.  As much as I would love to share the AAL evidence, for confidentiality purposes I’m chosing not to…just know, it’s pretty gnarly! =/

Have any AAL moments of your own? Please share in the comments, I’d love to hear them!

Until my next AAL moment… or something equally amazing,




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