Truth Time!

AAL (incase you missed it, AAL is explained here!) pic of the day:

EPIC Green Monster FAIL. Yes, that is the ceiling, and yes, it is as big of a pain as you may think to clean.

Ok, down to business…

I feel like if you are choosing to have a blog, and putting all your biz-ness out there for the world to read, you should be 100% truthful… I mean, who would want to read “living sober” blog written by L-Lohan, or an “i am normal and have cool facial hair” blog by good ol ‘Spence?

Here are a few “truths” I want to put out on the line.

1) I have the attention span of a 2 year old.  Honestly.  I often start things and don’t finish (ask anyone).  I have a terrible time sitting for long periods of time without being less than 90% distracted by my surroundings.  Just today I sat down to watch SYTYCD and around 2.5min in, I was on to other items before realizing what I initially set out to do.

2)  I am a vegetarian, and have been for two years and three months now.  Besides the accidental meat consumption on a pizza 6 months in (it was between the crust and cheese and there may or may not have been alcohol involved), I have not touched it since!

3) I have huge feet. HUGE. Not really important now, but will make sense later.

4) I am very goofy/random but initially come off very shy and guarded.  I am not sure why that is, since I KNOW how silly I really am deep down, and how much I like to let my real personality shine…;0)

5) I am doing the “Weight Watchers at Work” program through my employer, and have been for a few weeks now.  I set out trying to get healthy and lose a few extra unwanted L-B’s (10 from my stint in public accounting, and 5 from “life”). I’m 5lbs closer as of today (I like to think I’ve lost the “life” pounds, and just have the public accounting pounds to rid my life of!) lol…10 of the junk in the ‘ol trunk remaining.

Whew. That feels better already!

As you can see with número cinco, I am actively trying to lose weight. 

So what does this mean for my blog, you might ask? Well, although I initially wanted to start a blog to have a creative outlet so that my poor little accountant brain could have a safe place to ramble, I  also wanted to be able to talk health (health being fitness, but also healthy eating!).  This leads me to my blog goals!  I want to try to post a daily recap, which will showcase the health related items (and awesomeness) that my day had to offer (i.e. activities for the day, food journal/recap, and healthy choices that were made) which will also help me to stay a little more accountable. I also strive to have a weekly recap of my journey toward my weight goal… I don’t want to share my actual weight (as of now) but will do a “loss” recap each Friday!  I am very much guilty of snacking and taking bites, licks and chews, but then wondering why I’ve acquired additions to my assets (ha, how’s that for a little accounting pun??? I promise it won’t happen again!!!) so I think this will help me to be a bit more accountable for my actions.   For the next few months, I just want to have a “safe place” where I can track my progress with the whole  “janna’s getting fit” project, along with still having my creative outlet.

 If this isn’t your thing, and you’re just here for my awesome stories, don’t fret! I’ll still have plenty of those, and often! I  just don’t want you to be shocked when u start seeing a lists of daily eats. Hey, girls gotta keep herself accountable! :0) long gone are the  days of “secret” m&m munchings….I’m putting it all out there…”keeping it real!”

Ok, on to bigger an better appendages, er, things.

As I confess above, I have huge feet. It’s something I’ve been self conscious about my whole life, that is until recently. 

About a year ago, it finally hit me that shoe size is probably the least important thing in the world to be concerned about.  My big feet have carried me many a places, to and from many classes in school, running many races, etc. Plus, let’s face it; having big feet saves me a BUTT-TON in shoe expenses. How many “cute” and “to die  for” size 11 kicks do you really come across in the stores…? I mean,  really? Also, in my poor feet’s defense, I am 5’9.  If i didn’t have somewhat large feet, it would probably look silly, and i might have even worse coordination than i do now!

Yesterday, I went in to my favorite local running shoe store (Fleet  Feet, holllllla!) to exchange my shoes. I have been an Asics girl for as long as I can remember, but my beloved Gel Evolutions just haven’t been the same since they switched from 4 to 5 .  I purchased a pair of Mizuno Alchemy 9’s approx 2weeks ago, but had been having a mild ankle discomfort the entire course of ownership. Fleet  Feet is beyond awesome, btw.  Besides having some of the most knowledgeable/helpful staff, they have a KILLER return policy. IF you don’t love it, return it. No questions asked. SO stellar!

Anyway, after trying on ~14 pairs of shoes, I settled on a pair.  I went in yesterday with the mindset of “your feet are already HUGE and no shoe is going to be ‘adorable’, so just GO FOR COMFORT!!!!”  I tried to even pretend I had a blindfold on.  I ended up purchasing a pair of Nike’s. My first pair, EVER.  Now, I’ve only run in them once, and walked once so tomorrow will be the ultimate test (long run, woot!).  I will do a full review after that, but let me just say this…as skeptical as I’ve been in the past of Nike’s (not really sure where it stemmed from) I’m thoroughly impressed.  They have awesome cushion, plenty of room in the toe box, great stability for over-pronators, and a pretty pink look! I might have even picked them as a “cute” shoe, had I not done my “pretend blindfold” shopping! ;0)

Here is where the shopping story gets interesting though…as the girl at Fleet  Feet  is performing the exchange at the register, and calculating the difference that I owe, she informs me that they are actually a size……..12. TWELVE. That is a ten in men’s, folks. HOLY BATMAN my feet are HUGE.  I am so beyond glad she told me this AFTER I had made my decision, because as much as I said that I am “over” my shoe size and have accepted big feet, I am not positive I am okay with wearing a SIZE TWELVE!!!!! What am I, a circus performer? lol

the box, since it’s truth time!

and the actual shoe on. HUGE! (p.s. i don’t really have cankles IRL…at least i hope i don’t….)


****What have been your experiences with running shoes!? Have you always stuck with the same brand/style? Do you switch it up? Do you go for the “cute” shoes, or are you all about comfort?  Tell me your shoe stories, and PLEASE please please let there be someone out there that shares my HUGE feet predicament. lol****

Me and my big feet are going to hit the hay. That long run isn’t going to be fun tomorrow morning if we don’t get some rest!




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