I need more X in my life….

So, I want to start off by telling you that I fed a steer an apple today.

Yes, you read that right. A steer…complete with horns and everything.  What? You don’t come close enough to a steer to feed them on a daily basis? Oh yes, I forgot. Not everyone lives in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE like me. All of my herbivore friends out there, please note:  this steer was purchased TO eventually be butchered (I know, I gasped when those words came out of the fellas mouth too) BUT sad story turned happy when the man told me that he became too attached, and the big guy is now basically a pet (thus the reason it didn’t want to go “running of the bulls” on me when I fed it).  Oh, did I mention, my life is totally random and unpredictable? This type of thing doesn’t even surprise me anymore.

Ok, moving on….

So, as my title states, I need more X in my life.  What is this “X” I speak of!?  X, or as it is more commonly referred to as “X-Bike”.  It is basically an indoor cycle class….to the max!  From my gym’s website: “Take your indoor cycling experience to the next level! X-Bike is the only indoor bike that gives you a total body workout. Burn twice as many calories in the same amount of time!.  Increases cardiovascular fitness, strengthens lower body, strengthens upper body, strengthens core. Increases coordination. Burn up to 1,000 calories/hour”.  Now, I will say this.  I disagree with the calories/hour quoted in this description (according to my Polar), but other than that, the description is spot on. 

This is what the bike looks like:


It is similar to a spin class, in that the bike is stationary, but it is honestly like a completely different experience.  X-bikes have handlebars that actually move, so that you can engage your upper body and core muscles along with your lower body and cardiovascular system.  It more closely mimics actual outdoor cycling.  Another difference between x-bike and a spin bike is that the gear shifting is much like a bicycle, and they have a free wheel rather than the typical fixed wheel which a spin bike has (in spin, if you stop the wheel stops, whereas on an x-bike the revolutions continue).

The actual trixter x-bike  website has much more information, along with videos if you are interested in learning more, or finding a gym near you! I find this video to be a good visual, and enjoy the thermal imaging @ around 2min in!

Anyway, on with my story….


I started taking x-bike classes last fall, as a “cross training” activity when I started experiencing knee pain during my marathon training. After the initial “I hate my life, and WHY does my a$* hurt SO BAD?!?!” feelings I experienced during the first 3 or so classes, I quickly became addicted.  I was rapidly starting to take more and more classes, and actually started conversing with the instructors before/after class once they saw I was a “regular”.  I would sometimes blow friends off for dinner/fun if I knew my favorite instructor was teaching that night. I was quite addicted…

It’s the type of class where there are some days you are just in a funk, but you know that after some “x-ing” you will be bursting with energy…like your endorphins are having a little dance party in you or something.  The classes are seriously SO fun, and SO GOOD!!!  There were honestly times where I felt like I was going to puke and die, and that I was actually sweating from my elbows and knees….THAT good.

Then my world came crumbling down…When I made the move in with my brother, I had to cut back (I was seriously up to 5 days a week, some days even going twice. Ridiculous!).  On a good week, I’ll now make a weekday class, and then the Saturday morning classes.  On a not so good week, I’ll only make the weekend class.  This was a “not so good” week…that is until I got to the gym.

On Saturdays, I take back to back classes.  One of the classes is shorter (just ~33 minutes), but still a great workout.  When I wear my Polar heartrate monitor, I show ~300cal burned, so it is definitely comparable to running.  Well, between the shorty class, and the second/longer class, the instructor came up to my bike to “chat”.  We finish our casual “how are you’s” and “what have you been up to?”, and she then says “we’re having an x-bike certification coming up, you should take it!!! Even if you don’t want to teach right now, you could at least sub for us sometimes”.  Now, she has joked about me “becoming a pro” and “taking over the class” jokingly, but this was for real! 

I don’t know why, but I always tend to have a sort of “negative” look on myself when it comes to fitness.  I know I’ll never be the fastest or the best at any particular sport, and I’m ok with that…but I also am the one that ONLY sits in the back, and ONLY takes classes in which I won’t look like a fool or feel too “out of shape” in. It’s silly, really.  After things like this though, where an actual instructor says you should think about becoming certified, it sort of lights a different kind of spark in you and changes your perspective a bit.  Maybe I’m not as “lousy” at fitness as I make myself think? Needless to say, I’m still floating on cloud nine. 

Am I going to take the certification? Probably not this time around (there will be more, i think bi-yearly!), but I would eventually like to take it.  Unfortunately, it just does not make sense right now (from a logistics, as well as a financial standpoint) to take the certification.  I probably wouldn’t be able to sub, due to my current living situation (I’m approx 40min from the gym, it’s convenient when i’m at work, but not every single day) at the drop of a hat…so I would hate to front the money (it’s some big moohla to fork out) for something that I won’t even be able to benefit from for quite some time.

For now, I will just enjoy my little ego boost, and know that eventually, I might persue this activity! It’s not like it is going away anytime soon, and I will more than likely love it as much as I do now in a year…and if not, I probably shouldn’t’ be instructing it! I do know this though, I NEED more X in my life, and am going to try to make it twice a week more consistently. I miss it too much!

Soooo…I know I was supposed to start my food journal, but I’m having second thoughts.  I think I will for sure still recap on healthy choices/tasty recipes, and throw in a journal here and there…but I feel like I might be putting TOO much pressure on food/my food relationship at this point.  I already have a very watchful eye at work, and it hasn’t always been the most positive experience, and I’m afraid I’ll slowly turn this into the same feeling of resentment.  So for now, it is still going to be my healthy living blog, just not focused solely on my eats!  Understandable, no?

My HDOTD (healthy decision of the day):  Making my own lunch, rather than just picking something up.  Not only did I probably save calories, eat something more nutritious, but also money! Score!

I’m off to enjoy my sandwich on my FRESH Great Harvest bread!  I’ve been a long time follower of Kath over at Kath Eats Real Food, so you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon a Great Harvest in my new town!  Today was “buy one get one 50% off”, so I have TONS (two loafs!!) of yummy/healthy/natural sandwich bread to enjoy at a bargain! 

Tomorrow is my 2nd to last long-ish run of this training schedule, and I hope to get in a solid 12mi before it gets TOO TOO hot out! Wish me luck (and possibly do a little rain dance…?)

Sayonara (that spelling looks weird, but according to Merriam-Webster, it is correct…word of the day)

Have you ever considered becoming certified in anything fitness related, or are you certified? If so, what? I would love to hear your experiences with this!



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4 responses to “I need more X in my life….

  1. Those bikes look similar to the ones they have here at Ride the Zone. I personally they aren’t my favorite, but it’s always fun to mix it up.

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