If I Knew You Were Coming, I’d Have Baked A Cake!

Not going to lie…this song might have been stuck in my head the entire day in anticipation for the nights activities! I apologize in advance, you’ll probably be humming it all night now.

I got the morning off to a nice start by getting my run in bright dark and early. 4:45 has just enough of the sun peeking out that you aren’t terrified vampires will want to join you for a run, and not enough to make you want to swim in the nasty canals along the bike path! Win!  I got my run in VERY early this morning to a) beat the heat and b) get my workout in for the day!  I knew I had plans to bake a very special “30th Birthday” cake after work, and as much as I would like to think mixing batter and licking spatulas is a workout, it’s just not.

I ended up running a short 4 miles (I forgot a water bottle before heading out the door, and didn’t want to wake my sleeping brother and his dogs by heading back in and making noise finding it).  I had just enough water in my car to get me 4 miles, but anything more would have been pushing it.  I finished in just shy of 40 minutes (38:17 to be exact).

The first two weeks of each month are usually pretty hectic in my line of work (month end close, word.) so needless to say, when my co-worker asked if I wanted to get our “daily walk” in at the mall, I did not hesitate with my answer! Get me out of the office for an hour of shopping browsing!? Heck yes!  I did not end up finding anything except Bath and Body Works Wall Flower refills.  Boring, yet completely necessary when you live with a boy and two dogs. PLUS, they were two for $20, which is a pretty sweet deal (it saves $5!).  I know you are thinking “they run that deal year-round”, but just let me bask in my good deal glory, would ya?

After our “super fast” activity (tennis shoes were worn, it counts as activity, no?), we for sure needed to re-fuel with some fro-yo!  We hit up a place called “Yummy Yogurt” where I enjoyed “Tropical Island” (or as us mainlanders call it, banana) with a blob of European Tart on the side, topped with coconut and rainbow sprinkles, just for fun! Although it looks bountiful, I was actually quite pleased with my portion.  I’m usually well over $3, and this one fell short of that Three Dollar Mark! Win for my waistline AND my pocket book! (*note* taking food pictures with co-workers who do not know you’ve started a blog is just plain awkward. hehehe)

Party In My Mouth!

After work, I headed to my co-workers house for a little cake-baking party!  Our boss (that sounds so funny to type, although it is true!) at work is turning 30 tomorrow, and we wanted to bake her *favorite* cake, carrot cake! I know, i know… In our defense, we are friends outside of work and evaluations already happened! ;0)
My co-worker purchased this nifty GINORMOUS cupcake baking kit at a store called “As Seen on TV”, but I know you can also purchase them at Target.  I seriously haven’t had this much fun baking since I was a kid!

It was a toss-up between the "Sham-Wow", "Slap Chop" and this...she made the right choice! ;0)

We got busy fast to get the cake mix in the oven because after seeing how EPIC the finished product would be,  we *KNEW* we could not slather it with pre-packed icing.  We didn’t have the ingredients for homemade cream cheese frosting on hand, so we left the hubby playing video games in charge of making sure it didn’t burn, and hit up the store!

the "before" pic, incase hubby didn't smell the smoke/hear fire alarms while we were gone.

The recipe called for 8oz of cream cheese, 6 cups of powdered sugar, and a few other items…6 cups of powdered sugar should have been a HUGE red flag that we were making enough frosting to build a gingerbread colony, but it didn’t…it wasn’t until I was slowly pouring the 4th cup in while giggling about the abundance of frosting that we decided to give the recipe another look…it clearly states it makes enough frosting for TWO cakes to be frosted on all sides and on top. Lovely.

Frosting up the Wazoo!the point where i knew this frosting recipe had spiraled out of control!

SO much frosting!

Since we obviously had frosting to spare, we decided our cupcake needed some Flair, so we made what i like to call “keeping it real” cake decorating tools…. with orange and green frosting for our carrots! This was a cheap and fun way to make actual cake decorating devices so that you’re not just slopping frosting all up on that cake!

Trying to get the *perfect* shade of orange!

the "keeping it real" decorating devices!

We didn’t really know what to do with the baked products, and it was definitely a “learn as you go” kind of night…

baked to perfection!

It was a delicate process…and no, she is not a contortionist, although her arm says otherwise!

filled with buttloads of frosting...er...LOVE!


An action shot of the partner in crime frosting the cake!

Finished Product, sans carrots.

We will finish up with the carrots in the morning.  We were afraid they would slip down the gigantic slope during the night, so we thought morning would be better!
Overall, I think I had *maybe* a 1/2 tbsp of frosting, and a small frosted piece of the “even it out” slap we chopped off.  I know this doesn’t sound “fantastic” but it is a huge step for me! I’m usually dipping into the frosting bowl every chance I get!  I think baking with a friend really helped!
I can’t wait to present the birthday girl with her special cake tomorrow, and it will be even more fun knowing we made the cake ourselves!
My other eats for the day include the following:
1/2 oats
1/4 c almond milk and the rest water
1/2 banana and dollop of PB
fresh cantaloupe
fresh pineapple (review of a very special “pineapple chopping made easy” product to come!)
2 fresh pluots
brussel sprouts (~6) with BBQ sauce (don’t knock it til you try it!)
1 slice Great Harvest Dakota bread with 1/2 tbsp PB
small party in my mouth (froyo)
6in veggie subway for dinner
1 bag sour cream and onion baked lays
few licks of frosting
HDOTD (healthy decision of the day):  I have two I’m proud of… Still partaking in getting our afternoon froyo treat, but not going overboard AND not licking the frosting bowl clean. ;0)
Well, I better be getting to bed! It’s party time tomorrow at work! Wahoo!
Do you enjoy baking/cooking with others, or by yourself?  What’s your favorite cake to bake?
I’m a huge fan of doing things on my own, but when it comes to cooking/baking, I think “the more the merrier!”.

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