The White Sweatpants…

You know what stinks? When you get a crazy idea that you “feel so great” that you should tack on a few extra miles to your run…of course you feel great!  You’re basically “sleep running” at 5:15 in the morning.  Needless to say,  I immediately regretted this decision at around mile 4 of my run this morning… but at that point,  there is really nothing else you can do but run it out.  You have to get home!

Sweaty Stats!

pre-run eats...keeping it real

I finished 7 miles in 69 minutes, and had a substantial amount of walk breaks (6to be exact). My legs felt great, but the stomach started being disagreeable around 5mi in. Not well.  On days that I know I have post-work plans, I like to get my workout in early.  It lets me really enjoy the activity, and not stress about either a) skipping the workout or b) trying to fit it in when I get home (which sometimes is unpredictable).  Tonight’s activities are something I’m VERY excited to start writing about, so stay tuned for updates on that!  I’ll give you a hint a little preview: three girls, one kitchen, recipes and loads of laughs! 

As I noted in this post, I want to be completely honest on this blog… 

So,  I feel I can’t deny you this deep dark secret any longer. This little confession was originally part of an email to my BMF, who we dubbed my “one blog reader” for darn near 8 months. I would email/text things I would have found funny to “blog” about, and he would humor me by reading and pretending I was funny. Win/win

Since I now have two whole readers (heyheyyyy BMF and Mom!! ;0) I’ll post it for you all to read as well.

So, let me give you a little deeper look into the life of Janna….read before looking at the image!!!

So, one of my favorite things in the whole wide world is when my favorite pair of sweatpants are clean and I get to wear them to bed. Last night was  one of those nights.  Yes, Sweatpants….but not just ANY sweatpants. I’ve had these FOR-EV-ER.  I have no clue where they even came from.  I probably stole them from one of my brothers when they lived at home, so that should give u an idea of just HOW old they are. They are also approximately 4.37 sizes too large. They are practically see through because  they have been  washed so many times.  BUT they are so unbelievably comfy it’s not even funny.

When I was in HS,  my mom used to buy new/cute pj pants for me, and then ask if she could throw these bad boys away. Noooo way.  In college & when I lived with my roomie after college (same person both times) she would be stoked when I’d wear them bc they would make me SO happy, and thus do a funny little song&dance for her….much like that Office episode with “Michael’s Jeans“! LOL) They could be one of the factors I am single, OR one of the reasons I’m GLAD I’m single…(so I can wear ugly/comfy stuff like this, and not care one bit!)….or they could just showcase the fact that I am AAL. I’m pretty sure it’s the last one. Aren’t you glad you stumbled upon this blog?  If nothing else, I should make you feel “cool” bc I am so beyond NOT cool. Hahahah

Well, here goes….Viola! Awesomeness in pants-form! Woot!

the essence of life...a disgusting but OH SO awesome pair of sweatpants!

My bestie recently jokingly texted me to ask if she could sign me up for the bachelor.  I texted back “if they let me bring the white sweatpants, sign me up!”.  I was kidding…. Kinda


Do u have any article of clothing you just can’t part with? Tell me about it/them. Mine obviously are the big white monstrosities showcased in this post.



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5 responses to “The White Sweatpants…

  1. Katherine: What About Summer?

    That is so funny and amazing that you love your pants. Be proud and wear them well. I have a really hard time getting rid of shoes and recently had a huge and very painful t-shirt purge

  2. the Cloud

    Can’t wait for tonight!!! You’d better step it up… you have a lot of ground to cover after the lentil loaf episode.

  3. Old, yet still very comfortable, running shoes are hard to throw away. Especially when there are such great memories attached to them!

  4. ha, I love the sweatpants! I definitely have a few t-shirts that I still wear that are way too old 🙂

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