The boy in my life…

I don’t have much to say…overslept a bit this morning, but still managed to shave my legs and wear a skirt to work…AND make it on time. Win?  Pretty sure that is a definite sign of a good day to come!

I’ll leave you with this, and follow up with something really awesome and profound later.

The one boy that has my heart, my little Toby:

Isn't he ADORABLE???

When I worked in public accounting, one of my clients was an SPCA (Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).  We had our “work area” set up in the training room of the facility, and had to walk past cage upon cage of sweet adorable animals who were just looking for a loving home day after day.  On our second to last day, the workers had 3 little rambunctious dogs out in a little fenced off area to play. My little Toby propped himself up on the fence, and just watched me walk by. It was love at first sight.  I was living at my Mom’s house at the time, but I knew that as soon as she saw this little guys face, there was NO WAY she could say no.

 I immediately snapped a photo with my co-worker’s phone (at the time I had a phone that looked like this, and didn’t allow me to take photos) and sent it to my mom.


I received an email back saying “he’s very cute” but she seemed less than interested in having him as family.  Being the mature 23 year old that I was at the time, I of course dropped the idea called later and begged with the normal “you don’t even have to do a thing; I’ll take care of him! He’s so sweet! I just love him, and will die if I can’t have him”. You know, the usual.  The next day I was signing my adoption papers, and packing up the little tobe-ster to come live with me.  My other co-worker also adopted a small dog that day, so needless to say the car ride back was a fun one…and we quickly became that client’s favorite group of accountants! =0)

 I originally picked the name “Toby” because at the shelter he looked so pathetic and sad…much like “The Office” character, Toby (btw, I have a mild obsession with The Office!)

He is now 3 years old (my how time flies!).  He still lives at my mom’s, since she has a nice yard for him.  He enjoys gardening running through my mom’s flowers, harassing her rabbit, playing ball (he is obsessed, she has to hide it sometimes because he gets SO crazy with it).

helping my mom garden!

He does a little of what I like to call “hardcore parkour”  (like the office episode…again, I’m obsessed) in which he bounds down the hallway as fast as he can, and does a little kick-flip/jump off the couches, chairs, walls. If I start saying “hardcore parkour“, he get’s even more wild with his tricks. It is hands down one of the most hilarious things ever.

 The other day, mi madre sends me a funny little email about a fingernail polish incident she had…long story short, the lid was not on, and blue fingernail polish went everywhere (carpet, glasses, the dog)

the polish incident!

the polish incident numero dos!

He is just as happy as can be!

**note** this pic was edited...i do not own a half dog!

absolutely content!


Although I am so glad for my little shelter pup, and no kill SPCA’s, there are too many out little ones out there that don’t even stand a chance!  My advice, if you’re in the market for a new pet…check your local shelter’s/SPCA’s!!! You might just find your own little Toby in the process! =0)

In the words of Mr Bob Barker (random fact: I’ve been to the Price is Right three times, my G-ma has a “thing” for the Barker) “Help control the pet population, have your pets spayed or neutered!”

Oh Bob!

Do you have a love of your life, like my little Toby? Tell me about them! I am a sucker for cute animal stories!



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7 responses to “The boy in my life…

  1. your dog is too cute! i have two cats who i love. we have a glass door between our backyard and kitchen and they like it sit outside it and stare at us as we eat dinner. we joke that it is their favorite tv show.

  2. atastelife

    i randomly stumbled across your blog and your randomness is great.

  3. I absolutely have a second love of my life! My “child” is called Riley…or Riley Roo…or Riley Rocket if I get him all revved up to joust his brother! Riley is a 2 year old Westie who is cute as can be and has stolen my heart! I wasn’t able to adopt a Westie but I love that you were able to adopt. As a kid I used to volunteer at our local SPCA, so those pups are near and dear to my heart.

    BTW, I love the Zach Morris phone!

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