Christmas In July (**my first giveaway!**)

Well, today started out in typical Janna fashion, totally AAL

I had just purchased a new container of deodorant, and this morning was the first time opening it.  As with any new deodorant, it had that pesky little sticky (really, REALLY sticky, I might add) seal across the top.  Seeing as I basically have zero fingernail length, I did what any normal person lacking nails would do, and used my teeth.  Huge mistake.  The next thing I knew, the pesky sticker thing was somehow attached to my hair. Not good.  In a moment of sheer panic, I yanked it out. Not good^2. I now have a nice section of hair on the left side of my face that is noticeably shorter than the rest.  AAL?

My day started off with a bang, and I just knew it was going to be “one of those days”.  Sure enough, a stressful deadline at work (that is quickly approaching, yet I’m feeling further and further from achieving) had me on edge all day.  Naturally, I did what my Janna brain does in stressful situations, and had froyo for dinner.  Phew, crisis averted.  My day became significantly better in the matter of minutes!

As if froyo wasn’t enough to turn things around, I arrive home to this bad boy sitting on our porch!!! I peeked around looking for signs of Santa, because it surely must be CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!!

merry christmas (in July) to ME!!!!

A few weeks ago, I had contacted Chobani with a general inquiry about any locations in my area that might sell the pineapple flavor I see all over blog-land.  I have been having a heck of a time finding any “fun” flavors in my area, and I longed to join the “cool kids” rank, munching on some pineapple Chobs. All I hoped to gain from this little e-mail was a helpful hint on stores in my area to try.  I was contacted less than a day later by one of their lovely employees (heyheyyyy Shari!) who offered to send me some of the goods I’ve been longing for.  Suhweeeet! 

The package:

i was on the phone and literally giddy with excitement (sorry Craig!)

every single flavor, including TWO pineapple! YAY, thanks Shari!! =0)

how the goods stayed fresh! this, times ~5

Not gonna lie, although I was VERY stoked about receiving these tasty yogurt treats, I was almost as excited about the abundant supply of REUSABLE ice packs that came with it! SCORE!  I pack my lunch for work, daily, so these will be extremely useful!

chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool

In the next week or so, you can expect to see some reviews on these wonderful flavors I was sent!  If I wasn’t so full from my post work froyo excursion, I would bust into one of these bad boys right now!  I’ve also informed some co-workers and the brother that they will be helping me taste and review these little containers-of-heaven. They’re as stoked as me! 

My brother is training for his first Iron Man, so we wanted to do a “using yogurt as fuel” type of review, as well!

Now, here is the best part of my Christmas in July surprise….. it’s not just for me!!!!!  The wonderful Shari has given me the opportunity to host a little “Christmas in July” type giveaway, for a very lucky reader!  I explained to Shari that I had actually just started to blog (I was hesitant to accept coupons, because of this) and her response (which I just loved) was “It’s awesome to see how excited you are.  You have to start somewhere and why not start with a big KABOOM with your blog”.  I dig her style! The only restriction (and I’m sorry for any non-US residents I might have out there reading) is that the winner must be a US resident.

So, to get yourself in the running for  TWELVE VIP 6oz Chobani coupons, all I need you to do is check out the Chobani website, and leave me a comment in which you either:

1) tell me your favorite existing Chobani Flavor

2) tell me a flavor you would like to see Chobani make


3) tell me your very own awesome at life moment from the day

Get creative, yo…and make sure to tell all your friends (or not, if you’re stingy like me!) The winner will be picked at random and announced this Sunday!

My answers, incase you would like to know:

1) Since I’ve been unfortunate in trying all flavors, I’d have to go with the tried and trusted strawberry…but I have a feeling all that will change once pineapple hits my lips

2) FOR SURE pumpkin…not sure how greek-pumpkin would taste, but I imagine pretty darn amazing!

3) please see first paragraph of this post! =0)

Merry Christmas (in July) to all!




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19 responses to “Christmas In July (**my first giveaway!**)

  1. I would like to see Chobani make a peanut butter flavor!! Duh..who wouldn’t?

  2. Christine

    My favorite flavor would have to be the pineapple!

    My grocery store just started carrying it and I was soooo excited! I have been a fan of Chobani for a few months now & have been anxiously awaiting for them to start carrying the pineapple since I have been reading such wonderful things in the blog world!!

    (I also happened to work at this grocery store and we had Chobani on sale for a week and I told everyone who bought it through my line to check out Chobani’s website and print out the coupons they were offering!!)

    • props on sharing the Chobani love with strangers!

      oooh, i can’t wait to try the pineapple! =0) my brother tried one last night, and basically told me this very broken sentence when i asked his review…”omg, good. mmmmmm so good!!!” and followed with “that was awesome, where can i buy this???” Win? he he he

  3. Katie Beth

    I would love to try a kiwi flavor! That would be absolutely delish!

  4. OMG..JUST tried Chobani this week and LOVES IT! My fave flavor is blueberry but people keep tellin’ me about how the pineapple flavor will change my life 😉

    As for a new flavor…hmmm…I’m pretty down with pumpkin pie 😉

  5. Sarah

    Ive never had Chobani (yeah ima total loser in the blog world’s eyes) but id like them to make coffee flavor. or dill pickles. or cream cheese frosting flavor. 3 things i love.

  6. Nichole

    I haven’t tried most of the flovors yet, butI really love to spruce up the plain….I know I must sound like an old lady, but with the plain I can make it any flavor I want! Most of the time I add in berries that have gone for a whirl in the food processor. MMMMM good.

    I would love to try a peanut butter yogurt though….two of my favorite foods combined!

  7. Oh my gosh! I was laughing out loud at the deodorant ordeal 🙂

    Chobani…love!!! I ADORE the pineapple flavor!

  8. I want Chobani to make a lemon flavor!

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  10. Vanilla is my FAVORITE flavor! And they should make a pumpkin pie flavor fa sho

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