*winner winner* & an “easy peasy pasta salad”!

First off, I want to give a big shout out to all my SF half and full marathoners out there! FP!FP!FP! :0) 

I started today off with a long-ish run on the books that turned into a short-ish walk (4mi  blah).  It was H-O-T out there today! 

pre run...er, walk eats!

This mornings pre-run walk eats included: 

  • 1 plain Chobani 2% 
  • 1/4c crack cracklin oat bran 
  • 1/4 kashi cinnamon shredded wheat 
  • 1/2 tbsp PB 

And now, the moment *I’ve* been anxiously awaiting! The winner of my *First* giveaway, who will receive coupons courtesy of Chobani for TWELVE free 6oz containers of yogurt is…….numero dos, Christine with the following response to fave-flav: pineapple!  I agree, Christine, pineapple is fosho the best!  Congrats!  Please email your mailing address to jkir247@gmail.com, and I’ll get the information to Shari.  

Ok, lets rewind to last night…Here is a little preview of the evenings fast and fresh “easy peasy pasta salad” meal: 

Very "summerey" Orange Muscat

"easy peasy pasta salad"

So, my mom lives in the same town as my brother, and since there aren’t really people here my age (or at least people i would want to hang out with), many-a-weekends are spent with my mom…not that I’m complaining, she is a cool lady! 
I went to her house last night so that we could bust open one of the bottles of  wine I purchased a few weeks ago on my wine tasting adventure (which you can read about here, if you would like!). 

sick shirt, eh? haha...am i really 26!?

We tried a Filsinger  “Orange Muscat” from the Danza Del Sol winery.  I liked it, a lot, but the meal we paired it with just didn’t work… I think this would be better suited on it’s own, or maybe as a dessert wine?  It tasted really “fresh”, and had a nice citrus kick (duh, orange in the name should have given that away). If you didn’t read before, my wine taste is VERY sophisticated….;0)


I called the mom earlier in the day to see if she wanted to have dinner, and we both agreed that a fast, cool, light dinner was just what the evening called for.  I knew I wanted to spend the afternoon out by the pool before heading over, so I didn’t want the fuss of prepping, or grocery shopping.  Due to this, I decided to just “wing it” and toss together a nice and fresh pasta salad!
The goods included in the “easy peasy pasta salad” included the following:
I cooked the pasta pre-pool time, that way it had plenty of  time to cool for the evening dinner.  Once it cooled enough, I tossed it in the dressing, and put it in the refrigerator to chill while I got ready.  When I arrived at the mom’s, we added the above ingredients, and served!  This recipe honestly took probably a total of *maybe* 20 minutes, super easy!  It was SO tasty, and I can’t wait to take some in my work lunch on monday! Some additions that might be fun would be possibly swapping the beans for other types (edamame, garbanzo, etc), maybe the addition of tofu? Lots of possibilities.

the goods!

I love cool & fresh recipes like this during the summer! 
What is  your favorite summer recipe/food?  I love anything with garden fresh veggies.  I also LOVE summer fruits! I could eat my body weight in melons, I swear.
Hope you all have some fun in the sun today!  I’m pool bound, again! It’s supposed to be 98* today, and I’m still pretty toasty from the run walk!

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  1. That looks like a fantastic dinner for being quick and easy and using things on hand. The wine sounds good too. Although I can certainly see how it would be better as a dessert wine with orange flavors.

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