You’re never too old for FUNFETTI!

A little more background into my living situation…

So, I’ve mentioned it before, but I am currently living with my older bachelor brother… He works a ton, and I work/commute so it works out well because if one of us is here, usually the other isn’t.  We basically have a whole house to ourselves.  My brother’s house actually used to be my parents.  Shortly after graduating high school,  it was decided that this house was just too big for a mom and a dog, and had too much yard to take care of with all the kids gone.  My family was going to sell it (which they did) but instead of to a stranger, it was my brother.  I live in the same house I grew up in! Yes, it is a bit strange, but it’s also really comforting, in a way!

So last night (Saturday) I get home fairly late (for an old lady like myself).  It’s well past 10, and I’m ready for BED!  I notice there is quite the commotion going on in the back yard of my neighbors.  We live in such a small neighborhood, and it is really “out in the middle of nowhere”, so this is very atypical to see.  As I get out of my car, I notice not only is there a lot of commotion, but there seems to be some sort of backyard party going on.  I knew that the neighbors recently finished some concrete work (hellllllo 4:30am cement truck wakeup calls!), so I figured they must be having a family backyard BBQ to show off the new area. Wrong.

As I look closer, I am quickly taken back to the college days.  There are red cups lined up in perfect triangular form on either end of a long table…there are bud-light cans strewn about the yard…there is loud music bumping…and no parents in sight. My neighbor’s kids are partying their faces off!

Now I know what you’re thinking… ”so what? Kids do that!”….this I know. But these aren’t just any “kids”.  As I mentioned previously, I grew up in this house…these kids next door doing keg stands and partying their faces off….are kids I used to BABYSIT! BABYSIT, my friends.

I tip-toe and creep my way closer to the side of our yard, to get a better look, all the while saying “say it isn’t so…there is no way those good little boys would be doing this while their parents are gone. No WAY!”. I head inside, still shocked at what I’ve witnessed, but even more so shocked that I’ve become THAT OLD! Old enough for the “kids” I used to baby-sit to be partying their faces off, right before my very eyes.

This morning, I do what any typical 70 year old crotchety old lady 26 year old would do, and make a lap around our block to survey the scene of the party crime.  Beer.cans.everywhere.  At this point, I’m mentally shaking my fist at the boys, who are undoubtedly sleeping their hangover off, cozy in the house I used to play video games and do puzzles in. 

the aftermath….

yes, i took a picture...and yes, next up is purchasing a cane.


 I ask again, when did I become SO OLD!?!???

This afternoon I got a hankering for some sweets.  Whats a girl to do!?  Well, I’ll tell you…I pull a PBfingers and make FUNFETTI cookies.  Just because I act like a 70 year old when it comes to “those darn kids!” doesn’t mean I can’t eat like an 8 year old!

The goods. I used "better than eggs", just because i was out of real eggs...tastes fine though!

my handy dandy perfect scooper!

in action!

perfect little scoops!

so simple, yet so tasty!

These came out so light and fluffy!  It is taking every ounce of willpower to not eat 2 dozen! =X  I’ve packed up a plate to take to work…and this serves as my accountability factor. Co-workers, if you don’t get cookies, you can shun me. I will not eat both batches. I repeat, I will NOT eat both batches!

So, have you had an “I am SO OLD moment”!?!  Let me hear it!

Off to clean my dentures,




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3 responses to “You’re never too old for FUNFETTI!

  1. I’m old cause I remember “are you afraid of the dark” and remember when I got my first cd!

    • Yessss! My roomie/bestie in college used to download episodes (usually when we were supposed to be studying, and whatnot). Not going to lie, that was some quality entertainment! :0)

      my first cd= a country artist I won’t wen admit to…yeah, country…

  2. I think I have “I’m too old” moments every day…then again I am now 30. FML.

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