Coco’N’Oats and The Perfect Pineapple!

I think I may have found the most *perfect* oat combination.  As the title of the post probably gave away, I’ve dubbed them “Coco’N’Oats”. word. If someone has already claimed this name, sorry! =/  I sure thought it was clever. 

What makes these Coco’N’Oats so perfect? Little flakes of sweet goodness, that’s what! This weekend while perusing the baking aisle (typical), I stopped myself in front of the chocolate, peanut butter and butterscotch chips. “nope, too dangerous to have on hand” I told myself.  Then the red plastic of the coconut bag caught my eye… “well, I love all things coconut, maybe I should give this a whirl? Spruce up my food a bit?” 

Friends, if you haven’t already…go purchase yourself some coconut. Now. So far I’ve topped toast, yogurt, green monster and my favorite thus far…OATS! 

Ladies and…..ladies, I give you….Coco’N’Oats!  

i'm not judging your counters, stop judging mine! ;0)

Although it might not be the most beautiful breakfast in all the land (the bowl and spoon *do* help though!), it is mighty tasty!  This little number consists of a very simple ingredient list.  I like to start “new things” with a very simple base, and build from there. Can’t get TOO crazy all at once! ;0) 

I tossed the following into a bowl before heating (yes, blasphemy…I microwave my oats! it’s hard to justify having a camping stove at work though.  Not that I’ve tried or anything….) 

the goods!

  • ½ c Oats
  • ~1/3-1/2 Almond Milk (I can’t use regular milk. My stomach hates me)
  • ½ tbsp chia seeds
  • anddddd 1tbsp coconut

ready to go!

The coconut gets this nice, creamy-like texture, and tastes OUT OF THIS WORLD good! Trust me! 

all up in that bizzzness

Have you ever tried coconut in your oats before!? I don’t know why I waited so long…so good! 

Onto the perfect pineapple (WOW! so much good stuff in ONE post!). So, I’ve been planning to write this whole process for quite sometime now.  I figure, now that since it’s almost not pineapple season anymore, it is the perfect time to post! =X 

My mom is a water aerobics instructor for…how shall I say this nicely…the “elderly” population.  She enjoys bringing healthy snacks for her participants to enjoy after class, and often includes new healthy recipes, or fruit!  After one class, pineapple somehow came up during conversation, and the topic of how difficult and annoying it is to chop was brought up (couldn’t agree more!).  One of the “elderly” ladies said something to the effect of “once I bought a handy-dandy corer from Bel Air, it’s been a cinch!” (ok, I have no clue what she said…but I imagine it was something like that, minus the cinch).  She described to my mom the location of said “corer” in the store, and gave a brief description of how it works.  

My mom purchased one the next time she was at the grocery store, and her (and now my!) life was forever changed.  



This little guy, is…. AMAZING.  I did a little searching, and you can actually purchase this online, through Amazon here.  They have fancier options, but this little plastic one does the trick! 

Now that you know of this device, I’ll give a brief demonstration of how it works.  It will probably take you longer to read/look through the pictures than it actually takes to slice your pineapple.  No joke.  It honestly takes approximately 3 minutes from start to finish. 

Necessary Items: 

  • Handy Dandy pineapple corer
  • Cutting Board
  • Knife
  • Pineapple

the goods

Step 1: 

Chop the prickly top off the pineapple, and discard.

Step 2: 

Firmly shove corer into pineapple.

Step 3: 

with constant pressure (otherwise you will get mush), twist corer clockwise into the pineapple.

Step 4: 

just keep twisting, you're almost done!

Step 5: 

phew! done!

Step 6: 

gently pull the corer back out of the pineapple (do over the sink, it can get messy!)

Step 7: 

the inside, can use as a "party glass" if you're feeling wild'n'crazy! just remove the core, and you're good to go!

Step 8: 

Viola! Enjoy!

Trust me when I say this…These two items, “Coco’N’Oats” and “The Perfect Pineapple” will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. You’re welcome. 

What’s your favorite oat ingredient that has “changed your life”!? what about kitchen “tool”!? You now know mine, now tell me yours! 


***update: i must add, i have mi madre to thank for the mad pineapple demo pics….THANKS MOM!***



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12 responses to “Coco’N’Oats and The Perfect Pineapple!

  1. I LOVE coconut in my oats! I’m always so tempted to throw in some chocolate chips or cocoa powder, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  2. I have one of those pineapple corers! It was a wedding gift along with an oval-shaped bowl that looks like a pineapple 🙂 It’s so handy!

  3. I love the idea of coconut…shall be buying some today, thanks!!

    My latest addiction is a dollop of Nutella in my bowl before pouring my hot oats over…eventually when you reach it it’s like hidden melty, gooey chocolate treasure! Yum! 🙂

  4. Yep, I put coconut in my oats when I’m out of raisins or nuts. It’s delish! well coconut on anything is delish!

    Love the core-er …NEAT!

  5. That corer is amazing! I would eat way more pineapple if I had one of those.

    And coconut is so great in oats. I know I have certainly been enjoying it.

  6. Jamie

    I want one of those corers soooo freakin bad!! I love pineapple but hate cutting it up. My dad also taught me a neat trick to see if a pineapple is ripe. Try to pull out one of the little leaves at the very bottom center of the green leaves and if it comes out easy the pineapple is ripe and ready to eat! If there is a lot of resistance it is not ready.

    PS I am not an oats fan but you guys make it sound sooo good!

    • good tip with the pineapple yo!

      Here is my oats tip….pre-packaged oats stink..IMHO. The trick is making them from plain ol Quaker oats, and getting creative with your add-ins! Fruit, nut butters, choco chips, jam, etc. MUCH better than the pre-packaged dehydrated fruit nonsense you’ll find on shelves!

  7. unsweetened cocoa….add it to everything

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