Track Attack & Operation Beautiful!

i just thought this was funny...a message that came up when twitter was down a few days ago... he he he

phewwww. This week has just FLOWN by for me! Has it for anyone else!?!

***Track Attack***

Last week, my brother had asked if I wanted to start to join he and his friends for their weekly Thursday track workouts at the local high school. I have been wanting to really focus on training smarter this go-round with my upcoming half marathon (train smarter, not harder!) and knew that some good ‘ol fashioned track speed workouts were just what i needed…However, i was hesitant to commit. I hemmed and hawed over the weekend, never giving a definite answer, still full well knowing it was what would be best for my training.

Finally, after my run monday morning with the group I decided to commit. I woke up bright and early this morning for our 6:00am meetup, and quickly scurried out to the kitchen to get some coffee going. My brother had gone to his “lady friends” the night before to “watch a movie”. The guy is 35…. why he feels he has to have these cute little “stories” is beyond me. Anyway, where was i… so i’m out making coffee, and tip-toe to the window to see if his car is there secretly hoping it is not.

Praisetheheavens, his vehicle had not returned to his parking spot. At this point, the coffee is back in the container, and pot is off the stove…and i’m already cozying my way back under the covers, “YESSSSSSSSSSS” running through my head. I know that i should just get up and get a run in myself, even if it’s just a short one. My bed begs to differ. Just as i’m about to drift back into dreamland, i hear my brother’s voice echo down the hall “goooooooood morning!!!”. blast. I think to myself, “should i pretend i’m asleep?dead?abducted by aliens?” but decide that i must stick to my word and get out to the track.

We quickly load up in his soccer mom van (oh man, i have so much to tell you! Once again, another story for another time…let’s just leave it at this, it’s an undercover vehicle. my brother does not “willingly” have a mini-van, although it is a pretty sweet ride) and haul butt to the track. I’m greeted by my brother’s friend, and i quickly regret not brushing my hair before rolling out there. blast, again. Before I know it, we are heading out for a nice little warm-up, all the while i’m thinking “oh, this isn’t so bad!”

wrong. wrong, wrong, wrong my friends. these guys have dubbed it “track attack” for a reason. After our 1.5 mi warmup, my brother informs me that we will be doing an 800. I’m sure I embarrassed the heck out of the guy today, but I can’t help it. I’m a “fun runner” so all of this track talk is WAY over my head.

They explain that for an 800, i’ll be running the first 400 (1 lap) at my 10K pace, and the second at 5K pace. Lovely, i do not *know* either of these paces, because when I ran both of those distances, it was once again a “fun run”.

“What did i get myself into!?” is what i’m now asking myself. I think they picked up on the puzzled look that must have been not so subtly written all over my face, because his friend threw this little gem out: “ok, so the first lap you will run FAST!…..and then on the second lap, you just run FASTER!”.

Gotcha. “ok, so basically….just run fast?” They then explained that when you are done with that, you walk and let your heart rate drop to 120, and then do it all over again, but only 400 at a time there on out.

Off we went.

Friends, I ran fast. I ran hard. At one point, i thought “i *might* just die… might just die right out here”.

Was it hard? yes, very. Was it fun? yes, very! Will i be doing it again? For SURE! Let me just say this.. when you feel like you are going to ralph before 7:00am on a thursday, you know you’ve had a good workout. Track Attack, for sure!

***Operation Beautiful***

As many of you are well aware, Miss Caitlin of Healthy Tipping Point (and creator of the “Operation Beautiful” movement) was on the news about the economy

“>Today Show today promoting her recently released book “Operation Beautiful“. To me, Caitlin is the epitome of just an awesome, well rounded individual. She is beautiful on the inside and out. She leads, and shares with us her very healthy and balanced lifestyle. She takes the time to really show appreciation to her readers, and has replied to me on countless comments, questions, and random thoughts i’ve shared with her. She is so very poised and professional when it comes to the Operation Beautiful book release, and so down to earth in her everyday life. I know that like so many others, I gain a lot of inspiration (whether it be in the form of cooking, healthy living, to the way I try to view myself) from her.

With work being busy, and this week being a little hectic for me (dentists, commute, etc) I hadn’t had the opportunity to pick up the “Operation Beautiful” book. That is, until today! My co-worker had asked if I wanted to go to Panera Bread for lunch. Even though I packed my lunch for the day, I just sort of wanted to be out of the office for a bit, and knew my lunch would keep. I also knew that……B&N was right next door to Panera Bread, and I would *finally* be able to pick up the book.

My co-workers all know that when it comes to reading, and books…i’m not that big of a fan. I do enjoy reading for pleasure, but it usually includes short stories, non-fiction, magazines, etc. They are constantly trying to get me on the Twilight bandwagon, and have yet to succeed. When i confessed that I wanted to hit up B&N, you should have seen the twinkle in her eye…then the bewilderment. “You want a …” she asked. I then had to explain that it “had pictures” and “wasn’t all words”…. “ahhh, gotcha” is what I received in response. I figured the Operation Beautiful book, (and Caitlin, for that matter) deserved a bit more respect than that though, so I explained the whole website, movement, and now book release. She was definitely intrigued!

“Caitlin Boyle”….i told the B&N worker…..”ah-ha, here it is. two in stock!”. SCORE!

Moments later, the prized book was in my possession! I hurriedly paid, and headed back to my co-workers who were just sitting down to lunch at Panera Bread. While I ordered, the co-workers discussed and looked through my book. Their interest was piqued! =0)

beautiful book, beautiful lunch, and beautiful company!

I was trying my hardest to enjoy lunch and our conversations, but I couldn’t help but flip through it a bit after I had finished. L caught this picture of me, sneaking a peek and obviously enjoying what I was reading!

sneaking a peek!

Later in the office, with Operation Beautiful on my mind and feeling quite inspired, i told L that I wanted to leave my first note…that now was the time (he he he). I told her that specifically, I wanted to leave it for one person. I’m not sure if this is typical “Operation Beautiful” fashion, but my thought is…this person might go on to share with others!

Let me give you a little glimpse into why I wanted to give this one individual an Operation Beautiful note! For a bit of time, I have been doing Weight Watchers at work. It’s no secret, so I don’t mind saying that on here. There is a lady in my meetings that just has such an awesome personality. She always seems so happy, positive, and is always so supportive of EVERYONE. She has been such an inspiration for me to really work on my health for ME, which is exactly what she is doing.

Since she is always so positive and supportive of everyone around her, I wanted her to know that there was someone (ok, MANY) out there that are truly inspired by her. L, being the creative girl that she is, helped me by fashioning this little beauty.

1st attemptthe finished product!

It reads “You are beautiful, and an inspiration to many!”. I snuck upstairs after everyone had gone for the day, and stealthily attached it to her monitor.

secret agent status!

I was seriously so giddy and excited making and placing this note, and I can’t wait to do more! I hope that this little note might brighten her day, and that she is able to now share this with others.

Have you placed any Operation Beautiful notes? What are some creative places you’ve left yours!? I’m now so excited to help spread Caitlin’s word!

Well, i’m off to read more (yes READ, L!!!) of my book! Hope you all have a lovely Friday tomorrow!


p.s. i HAVE To share this because i am also uber stoked about it…in exactly two months, I will be seeing my most favorite music artist, Jack Johnson! Wahoo!!! These days are flying by, so I know it will be here before I know it!



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10 responses to “Track Attack & Operation Beautiful!

  1. congrats on the track workout. i love ’em! 🙂

  2. I haven’t read the book but I plan to order it soon! And display it out in the open so guests will peruse it too 😉

    I ran track in highschool..the 2 mile…ugh. You couldn’t drag me back there! Good job though!

  3. I must find the book, hopefully they sell them in Amazon someday 🙂

  4. Way to go on that track workout! Sounds tough!

    I bought OB a few days ago and I love it. I have left a few notes, but always in random places. I want to do what you did – leave a note for someone I know. Thanks for getting the idea in my head! 🙂

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