“A Case of the Mondays” is….an understatement.

Can I just note that I am not always a “negative nancy”, and that this post originally started as “Great Start!” when I left for work this morning, with plans of finishing the post on my lunch…my how things can change! ;0)

sunrise view on my run this morning!

I love when my weeks start with a nice run. Today did not disappoint. My brother and I completed a 7mi run just as the sun was coming up…and with a major negative split! At around mile 4, I started having a pretty upset stomach, and thought I would have to throw in the towel and walk back. I was able to hold it together until around mile 6, where I stopped to walk and told my brother to go on…he wouldn’t. I then kicked it into high gear (I tend to get a bit “I’ll show you!” when people tell me no…) and ran the last 1/2 mile home at full speed. He says I’m the only person he knows that kicks it up a notch when I start feeling sick (I did this during our half in March, too).

I arrive at work not too far after 8:30 (we are expected by 8:30…but have a bit of a cushion until around 9) and whip open my locked overhead bin where my laptop is stored annnnnnd……….it’s not there. Immediately, my stomach sunk. All weekend I moved my computer around at home making a mental note to pack it up when I left out Monday morning, and somehow I forgot. I don’t normally bring my laptop home, and I knew it was probably a terrible idea. It was.

Just as quickly as I had come in and set my purse down, I was picking it back up and letting my boss know I would be back in………an hour and a half. You see, I’m sure this did not sound like THAT big of an issue when you first started reading, but I do in fact live ~40min from my employer, and commute. I knew in my gut that things just were not right when I set out on my long trek home for the bag, but I just didn’t know how “not right” it was.

I’m a fairly cautious person. Sure, I have my episodes of “AAL” times, but those are usually out of my control and I’m pretty “play it safe”. Today….today I threw caution to the wind. As I arrived home, it was around 9:30…I had already been up close to 5 hours at this point, and still had not *technically* made it in to work. Now, I don’t know if it was the STRONG coffee I drank, the fact that I was fired up about being so “ditzy” and forgetting my laptop, or what….but I wanted to get back to my office PRONTO.

As soon as I saw Mr. Officer in the oncoming traffic, I knew I was toast. Friends, don’t be fooled and think they won’t drive over that center divide….they will. Just because they are not driving YOUR direction does not mean they can’t get into YOUR direction, and fast. Sure enough, Mr. Officer swiftly moves to the fast lane around the big-rig that was driving behind me, and just as swiftly back into my lane. The lights started flashing, and just like a switch to the lights, a switch to my tears was flipped and I started choking them back, telling myself to “PULL IT TOGETHER”. It’s probably so very annoying to police officers to deal with crying girls. I can’t even imagine. I’d probably be the one to tell them to man (ok, woman) up and pull it together…. for some reason though, I just couldn’t today.

I pull out my license, registration, insurance, pictures of dead dog, race medals, volunteer certificates in preparation for him approaching my window. “Do you realize you were speeding”….”Yes Officer” (is what i should have said)…instead it was more like “yes officer, but *insert sad sob story about my computer, having to drive a god-awful amount of hours, how i volunteer, how i donate blood)…..* you get the point. I’m not proud of my actions this morning, no sir-e. He tells me he will be right back, and I can be on my way….all the while having that “I’m not mad, just disappointed” look on his face. You know the look, the one your parents would have when you did something wrong when you were a youngin’…yeah, that look.

I sit in my car and do what any normal person does…and tries to snap a pic in her side mirror of the scene unfolding minds her P’s and Q’s…. He comes back shortly after, with his ticket book in hand. As he is having me sign the ticket, he tells me that he knocked X amount of miles (i don’t want to say the amount, for the judgment you will likely place upon me for my outrageous speed) and asks me if I will be alright to drive to work…”yes sir, I’m really sorry….” I quietly respond. He then tells me to “watch your speed, and drive safely” and sends me on my way.

Was my speeding unnecessary…? Yes, yes it was. Was my speeding unsafe…? Yes, to me and everyone around me. Did I learn a lesson..? Yes, yes I did. Did today really stink to high heavens…? Why yes, yes it did!

Honestly, I had a bad feeling when leaving work to return for my computer….but my bad feeling was “I’ll probably get into a wreck driving back and forth”. In a way, I’m kind of glad that I got pulled over. Yes, it sucks. It will suck having to pay my fine, it sucked having to have that look of disappointment given to me by the officer. It sucked having everyone pass me the rest of the way to work and home….but who knows? It could have saved me from something worse, and it definitely made me more aware of my driving.

Like I told my co-workers today, “I’ve had better days, but I’ve also had much worse”….so I’ll just chalk this up to a learning experience, and move on….slowly….with grandmas in Cadillacs passing me.

On a more positive note, I was surprised with an email from http://eatwellwithjanelblog.com/ (check her out! She is a Registered Dietitian, and has such an informative blog!), informing me that I had won her giveaway for a sample pack of FIVE “Food Should Taste Good” chips! SCORE! I can not wait to try these out! If you know me at all, you know that good food makes things better! =0) This definitely helped turn my frown upside down!

Also, my co-worker made these pretty epic funfetti cupcakes that I ate like a lady devoured after my “incident”….

i didn't think to snap the pic until i had practically devoured the entire thing...EPIC, i tell ya.


How was your Monday!? Did you have a “Case of the Mondays!?” I usually love my “fresh start to the new week” days, but that day is going to be Tuesday this week!

Off to re-start my week (aka go to BED),




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9 responses to ““A Case of the Mondays” is….an understatement.

  1. Wow, that’s one heck of a Monday. I was tired and cranky yesterday, but I think you win the award.

  2. aww, I’m sorry about your day! that stinks. but today is a new day. hope it’s better 🙂

  3. i commute 40 minutes to work as well and that would have been a NIGHTMARE for me. 😦 Glad you pulled it together..at least you got your run in for the day…but seriously…cops and me are NOT bffs..I get a traffic ticket every 3 months..don’t judge.

    • oh girl, this is a judgment free zone! i once got a long letter from the DMV letting me know that “driving is a privelage”, among other things…it felt like my mom had contacted them DMV and had them write me a letter…it had that sort of “disappointed in you” tone. so yeah, it’s all good! ;0)

  4. Oh sorry to hear about the ticket. But can I just say that I love that you owned up to it? You explained that you were speeding, and you didn’t come on your blog calling the cop a jerk, etc. That is one my biggest pet peeves (calling cops who are doing their job “jerks”).

    You learned your lesson and your day will get better, I promise! Stay positive! 🙂

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