RPFMP – Random Photos From My Phone

My phone is on me at.all.times. seriously. it’s like another appendage.

Case in point:

third hand

iPhone anonymous?

my name is janna, and i'm an iPhone-aholic

People are often joking about the amount of pictures i take on my phone/send at random times.  I probably take at least a photo a day, but usually more.  They’re sometimes of food, sometimes of funny things, sometimes random things, sometimes to show an emotion, sometimes to show an ugly outfit (don’t worry, i’m very stealthy)….I have way too many photos on my phone to even admit on here, but i love it!  I love looking back through old photos, and being reminded of funny/crazy things i’ve seen.

I was on a walk the other night, and *almost* took a stealth photo of individuals riding by on their bikes, but thought better of it (that time)… it got me to thinking, though, and I decided that I would like to do a weekly “Random Photos From My Phone” post, where I will show a few of the strange/funny/entertaining photos I’ve taken over time.

Here are the first I’ll share, enjoy!

this shirt is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

oh, just your typical dog, in a bar....no biggie.

As I mentioned here, i get pooed on by birds more than your average person….

it's like i have a target...

attached to me...

and my car.

My old roomie was dog sitting this funny dog, Crow.  He was a character:

he would SIT on the stairs. It was SO cute!

My friends and I went to this festival of sorts, and they had a dog rescue/adoption booth set up…i came across these fellas:

what, your dog doesn't own a hula skirt?

 I was in target one evening, and came across this scene:

some crazy 'ish likely went down...mayhem.

an adorable boy at farmer’s market…

"oh, i'm just getting my weekly groceries. don't mind me"

some of Janna’s cooking gone wrong (btw, never eat my cooking…just sayin’)….

man down! a good pan was lost that day...

 When i was supposed to move into this particular apartment, the landlord had told me that “it wasn’t quite done…but they just had some cosmetic stuff to finish”… he did not tell me that i would have a port-a-pottie in my yard until the work was finished…(no, not for me to use.  Although, that was a fun joke to play on friends!)

i spent the first week and a half living there with this as my view from the porch.

and last but not least, please keep your feet off the walls!!!!


 Until next time,




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12 responses to “RPFMP – Random Photos From My Phone

  1. lmao! Thanks for the laughs! This post was awesome!

  2. Haha, I also have my phone with me at all times and I find it funny that you also have all those random pictures on your phone, just like I do 😀

  3. hahaha!
    1) next time take the photo of the random people… i do this all the time. my husband thinks i’m gonna offend the wrong person one day w/ my stalkerish ways…
    2)your stove is a fancier version of mine!

    • The best part of bananaman (…I’m a horrible person, horrible) was that I didn’t realize my phone wasn’t on silent, so it made the audible camera click noise. I.wanted.to.die. he turned and smiled, and I acted like I was texting.

      I’m going to have some horrible karma soon (or maybe that’s why all this crazy stuff happens to me).

  4. I love the banana man!!! Hilarious.

  5. hahahaha. my photos are all food….my friends think I have a problem. I agree.

  6. bananaman, huladog, dog in bar…each one was funnier and more awesome than the next!

    btw, i love your blog. and it’s not just because your name is janna (so is mine, although i spell it jana). you are seriously funny.

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