it’s the little things…


Warning: this post contains a lot of awesome (4 days worth) so it could get lengthy.

Today started with a nice little visit to the allergist.  I don’t recall if i’ve noted it here, but in real life, you can often hear me make this bold statement: “i hate my guts!”.  It is referring to this terrible, unexplainable stomach discomfort i often have for which i can’t pinpoint the cause.  I’ve had it come and go for well over 5 years, and can’t find any definite rhyme or reason.  I’ve seen numerous doctors, and turned into quite the hypochondriac.  I think i now have “webMDitis”.  I decided earlier this week that I was going to get tested for food allergies.  I’ve often eliminated certain foods from my diet, in an effort to find the root, but to no avail. Surely an allergy test would tell me something.

My doctor talked me into doing a full panel test, in which they test for all common allergies, including food (this was after he did a screening, and it was apparent i may have other allergies lurking….or perhaps it was just my webMDitis shining through).  SIXTY FOUR tests later and i still “hate my guts“.  ZERO of the food allergies came back positive. 

I did find out, however, that I am allergic to basically every grass, tree, and weed in this area…and also had my future dreams of becoming a slumlord thrown out the window with the news that i am allergic to COCKROACHES. seriously!? they seriously tested me for THAT!? you can bet your butt i will be steering clear enough away from those bad boys to avoid any sort of allergic reaction GROSS.

Before he ran the skin test, he conducted the routine checks. Temperature, tongue thingie, ear searching (what are they looking for in there, really?), and my vitals. 

After he did my vitals, he asks me the following: “What’s your activity?” I reply, confused, with “excuse me?”. “What do you do for physical activity?”….. “um, i run and sometimes do a cycle class at the gym”. The doctor then replies “oh, i figured you must… you have a resting heart rate of an athlete“. 

Although I may not always be happy with my body, or what I see in the mirror, little comments like this remind me that my hard work may not always visually show, but darn it…i’m doing good stuff for the ‘ol ticker!  It’s the little things…. =0)

Let’s rewind so I can give a recap of my week, shall we?  I know you’ve all be sitting on pins and needles waiting for this… Speaking of needles, how about a picture of my back after they did my skin test… (i told my co-worker i wouldn’t post this, but i can’t help it… i’m gross like that).

i do NOT have a hairy back, iPhone and bad lighting...these are the reactions to the "Grasses". i am obviously ALLERGIC.

Tuesday, my mom decided to take the grandkids (my Nieces and Nephew) to Six Flags for one last hoorah before they head back to school.  An opportunity to have fun AND miss work!?! I’m in!

My Mom and the kiddos...

....although this is more like them!

it runs in the family!

love these kiddos!

We went on rides….

"i'm not so sure about this...."

this one made me want to ralph just watching it...

he is such a ham!

 We could have died….

this was the highlight of the day....really six flags? really?

We watched the Shouka Whale Show!

the mom and the niece!

the whale!

the kiddos getting SOAKED!

We perfectly executed the “get the 7 year old a few extra inches so he can ride more rides” feat:

Step 1: Insert folded papers/paper towels into shoe

Step 2: replace said shoe

Step 3: Proudly sport your vans and spiderman socks, and walk tall!

We ate terrible (tasting and for you) and overpriced theme park food:

mine was the unpictured cold cheese pizza. yum.

she gets her awesomeness from her aunt.

And we successfully tuckerd out three kids for a quiet ride home:

my poor little monkey boy.

sleepy bears!

I think they’re officially ready to head back to school!  We had such a great time spending one of the kids last days before school goes back in session with them!  It’s the little things….

In fitness news, I’ve had two speed workouts (one 3miler and one 4miler) and finally received THIS in the mail the other day:

Yoga for Runners!

I ordered this DVD (Christine Felstead’s Yoga for Runners: The Essentials) from Amazon last week, and it arrived Wednesday evening. I’ve done it once, so far, and absolutely LOVE it.  Although I have never really been a huge fan of Yoga (not going to lie, i found it boring) i know that nice deep stretching is UBER important to good running.  I found that this DVD really focuses on DEEP stretches that really get into those muscles you use SO much during running.  My favorite pose in the series is the “Pigeon Forward” pose (which you can find here).  If you are a runner, and would like some very good poses without purchasing the DVD, I found this link from Runners World to be SUPER helpful: Yoga for Rookie Runners

Along with the Yoga DVD delivery, I also received these:

Food Should Taste Good Chips!

As you may recall, I recently won a giveaway from Janel at Eat Well With Janel for SIX “Food Should Taste Good” bags of chips. Baller!  So far I’ve sampled the “Multi-Grain” and “Blue Corn”, both of which are AMAZING!  I gifted the “Jalapeno” to the brother (not a huge fan of spicy) and he gave a thumbs up approval! THANKS JANEL!

Receiving mail besides bills always makes me so stoked! It’s the little things
Tomorrow I’ll be attending my FANTASTIC x-bike classes (I CAN’T wait!) and then hopefully spending some time at the nephews football games in the afternoon!  Sunday I’m *hoping* Aspen and I will get in a nice 9 miler together.  It’s been way too long since we’ve had a long run together, and I could use a good belly laugh… which is always a guarantee with that lady! It’s the little things
Do you have any fun plans for the weekend!?
Have a great weekend, and enjoy the little things! =o)


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6 responses to “it’s the little things…

  1. i’ve always wanted to do the allergy tests just so I can have a list full of lame excuses “oh…I can’t do that I’m allergic”…”oh…I cant eat that I’m allergic”…or “oh…I can’t touch that..I’m allergic”. Have a great weekend…themepark food makes me cringe..I always think of theme park restrooms when I eat it.

  2. You stacked his shoes? Lmao, that is hilarious.

  3. I love theme parks, I try to go once a year because I want to feel like a kid again 😀

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