Bikram Running & RPFMP

When I left work today, I was once again greeted with triple digit temps:

nice and toasty!

I did not want a repeat of my Peachy Keen “dehydration monday“, so i decided my run today would be a Treadmill run…I just forgot one small detail.

Brother: (as he walks in from work) “ummmm, do you want me to turn on the air conditioner???”

Me: *gasp* “NO! Bikram *gasp* Running!!!!”

It’s my new thing. It’s going to be BIG….just roll with it!

So let’s talk about my run real quick, shall we? I am pretty sure no treadmill is accurate, but for the sake of making me feel good about myself for a second, let’s pretend they are *spot on* with accuracy! I ran the first 4 miles in a speedy 35:29!!! I then jogged an easy .5mi @ 10min/mi pace, and then walked the last .5 for a total of 5mi/47:48.

Now let’s get to the good stuff! If you’re a new reader, you can read about RPFMP here. First though, I would like to give you a little “imaginary picture” of sorts…

Picture this, if you will:

The brother calls yesterday on his way home from training to tell you that his friend will be coming by to drop some parts for the house boat off….and that he is running late so it would be great if you could help him unload these if he doesn’t make it home in time…”they’re not heavy, just awkward for one person to move”.

Ok, no big deal…easy enough.

Keep in mind, I am in my mid-twenties and my brother is in his mid-thirties (sorry bro, I just outed you!)…so most of his friends are a)sporting the “mid-aged” look, and not well or b) happily married.

Due to these two factors, I saw no need in changing or trying to put myself together…at all.

knockknockknock“. I open the door, fully clad in my yoga pants and Cow-Town marathon shirt (if you were to guess what is covering this shirt, I’m sure you’d be right…COWS) and I immediately want to punch my brother for not warning me. It’s all fun and games until your brother’s “friend” actually turns out to be a)not mid-aged, b) not ugly and c) not married (i did the ring check) and you’re wearing a shirt with cows on it.

I did my best to “play it cool”, but seriously…how cool can you look with a shirt that showcases three cows with race bibs and tennis shoes on it….?

Lovely. Thanks, Brother.

Now that I painted that imaginary picture for you, how about some real photos? Some RPFMP (Random Photos From My Phone), perhaps? Bueno!

Let’s see where we left off…oh yes, the mid-day polka band!

what more would you expect on a Saturday afternoon though, really?

Around 15 minutes after this photo was snapped, I start hearing the oh so familiar “dun nah nah nah nah nah nah” beat and immediately recognize the “Funky Chicken” song being played… I turn around, and see this:

ok, things just got strange....

But then, what more would you expect from a place that stamps your hand with this upon showing your ID at the door:


After a brief discussion with my friend Aspen, she tried to convince me that pay phones were obsolete….I had to prove her wrong:

A very classy pay phone/urinal in downtown Sac. Although not functional...they DO still exist!

Some Monkeys, just *monkeying around*…. or something:

oh dear! cover your eyes!

If you know me in real life, you know I have an mild obsession/unhealthy habit….Go-Girls. You can imagine my amusement when I stumbled across this beauty while apartment searching last fall!

i contemplated hijacking this's pink, and probably filled with the magic elixir.

This next one is going to make me seem like a horrible person….but let’s pretend this is a “judgment free zone” for a second and just roll with it:

I know you're probably jealous you don't have a resident bum that hangs out outside of your office building....with his 40 and jar of pickles.

anddddd last but not least:

Off to go wash off my “Bikram Running” stank,




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10 responses to “Bikram Running & RPFMP

  1. I love the random pics — meet me at Ho’s — priceless!

    Bikram Running hmmm? I get so warm and sweaty from running anyway I think I’d go into cardiac arrest if I made myself even warmer!

  2. Bikram running may be my idea of death. Let me know how that works out for you 😉

  3. that’s crazy, girl!

  4. Haha, I really like your random pictures 😀

  5. So funny to stumble upon another Janna. I had no idea when I wrote my “keeping it real” post that you were “Keeping It Real” ALL the time 😉

    Also, Bikram Running sounds awful! I think I would pass out! And…I think I need to buy myself a stamp that says “potato” on it.

    • isn’t that so random? when i saw the link on Rachel’s “owning it” post, i was like…”wait, i don’t remember ever writing about blizzards….although i do love them!”. it was through my awesome detective skills that i was able to figure out that i wasn’t actually writing posts in my sleep, which i was fearing was the case. he he he

  6. Bikram running stank.. sounds veerryyyy interesting!!

  7. tia

    Bikram running does sound absoluetly awful, but I wouldn’t doubt it if it caught on 😉

    I’m going to continue stalking you if that’s alright, you’re rather entertaining.

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