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Fall Goals!

I feel like January 1st was just yesterday…I know people say this all the time, and it is really cliché… but this year is really flying by! It seems not that long ago, I rang in the New Year (in my “happy place”, Disneyland) and I proclaimed that 2K10 would be a great year.   

My Happy Place!


Although it has overall been a fantastic year (I’ve spent a lot of time with friends/family, made a few new friends, ran a few races, saved some moohlah, been on vacations, started my blog, etc), there are some things I wouldn’t have minded changing (i.e. I wouldn’t have missed 2 of the 4 half marathons I registered for…only one was by choice.  I would have stuck to my goals of losing my extra lbs.  I would have been more serious on my “get out of debt” goal.  I would have put a little more into savings each payday).   

Seeing as this year is coming to an end (quickly), I’ve decided I should set some goals.  The last few months of the year tend to be more difficult to maintain balance in, and I want to eliminate that this year!  I want to conclude this year the way I had planned start/maintain the year!  Since it is typical for the last few months of the year to be a bit more chaotic when it comes to all things I want to work on (spending, saving, waistline, etc) I figured I needed to get my goals out there for  the world (or my 8 readers) to see!  

So here we go, Janna’s 2K10 Fall Goals:  


I’ve recently discovered that although I am cardiovascularly fit (I can run, bike, and turbo jam like it’s going out of style!) I am not “strong”.  I have been sore for 2 straight days from doing a measly 25 push-ups…girl style.  I don’t like this.  I therefore would like to incorporate some sort of “strength” activity into my workout schedule, and think that doing ~10 or so minutes daily would be perfect.  As you may recall here, I like setting “challenges”, therefore I want to ramp this same “challenge” up one last time for the 2K10 year, and begin another Superman Ab Challenge/Strong Arm Challenge.  Of course I’m not limiting myself to these exercises, but I basically just want to do some sort of strength activity for minimum of 10min a day. Obtainable.  

Additionally, as you have noted in previous posts, I have had to cut back on my running.  I am slowly easing my way back in, in an effort to keep further injuries at bay.  I have one last “race” this year, but it happens to be as a team.  I will be participating with 3 other co-workers in one leg of a marathon.  My leg will be one of the 7 mile legs, which is a totally obtainable mileage for me.  I am therefore concentrating on training “smarter not harder”, and taking it slow.  I am also working on my speed during this time, as I am not covering insane amounts of miles each week.  My goal (I can’t belive I am going to put this out there) is to finish my leg in under a 9min mile pace.  I’ve done two half marathons right at a 9min/mile pace, so again…I know this is obtainable…but I will need to work and focus in order to obtain this!  

Lastly, I need to keep my “activity” tab up to date.  I track all my workouts in a book, but I just need to keep up to date on my blog .  Right now it looks like I haven’t exercised since the end of August and that is not the case.  


I have been working hard these last few months to pay off a little debt that I have left.  I am no longer using credit, however, I still have stuff to pay.  My goal for the next few months is to pay my typical payment each month…twice.  I will therefore pay my CC each payday (bi-weekly paydays)!  Totally obtainable.  

My savings goal is to keep my same automatic deposit each payday, but not allowing myself to withdrawal from this.  I tend to give myself the “ok” to do this a little too often, it’s a bad habit.  For the next three months, NO touching my savings!  


I hate, hate, HATE weight goals.  I think that they can be a major burden on people, and can really wear a person thin (if only that were literal…). I don’t want to set any specific weight goal. What is weight, anyway? Just numbers.  I do, however, want to get to a more “happy” place.  My clothes are snug.  I hate shopping (blasphemy).  I often cringe when I catch my reflection…I am not proud of this, but I do know that I would be much happier at a healthier weight.  My weight goal therefore is to get back to my “happy” place, by the end of the year.  Without saying numbers, I will say that this is obtainable (healthily) with a little more discipline than I have shown over the last year. 

happy place

Like I said earlier, the end of the year is tough.  There are more holiday’s with weird food related traditions than I know what to do with…but I do know that these are holidays we have EVERY year, and we will have every other year of my life (unless someone finally wises up and realizes plopping turkey and pie on our tables does not signify these days in the least….)  

Moving on… In short, it is ok to turn down food. You should not feel the need to eat every cookie, cake, etc at work…even if the office Grandma did make it, and it is delicious.  Being happy/healthy will give you far more satisfaction than a darn cookie.  Oh, and NO DONUTS.  We have our interim audit, which occurs toward the end of this year.  For some reason, the auditors bring us bagels and donuts every Friday that they are at our office during audit. Last year, I ate an embarrassing amount of those circular dough balls from heaven.  Not this year.  I am not even going to START on that downward spiral.  The donut was like a gateway food to a weekend of bad decisions.  My goal for audit: NO DONUTS OR BAGELS. not even one. They’re not even that great…the middle is missing for goodness sake! 


Life Goals  


DFO=Don’t freak out.  I recently had a bit of a stressful project at work, and after packing up late on a friday, and getting my papers ready for the following monday, I left myself a note regarding the process I was using to come up with my calculations and other notes to jog my memory about where I left off and whatnot.  I also wrote “DON’T FREAK OUT” at the top…just as a reminder that monday morning that it wasn’t as big/crazy/overwhelming of a project as it might seem.  

In short, I want to be less of a stress case…freak out less if  you will…”don’t sweat the small stuff”.  Fortunately, I do accounting.  No one is going to die (hopefully!) from decisions  make/work I do.  Freaking out does not help anyone, and will likely cause me to have zero friends at work. LOL 




Social goals?  Who am I???? I know this may sound lame to some, but what is lame is my life. lol.  When my co-worker encouraged me to have a second cup of coffee last Friday, and then followed with “it’s ok, it’s laundry friday!” I knew that my life was officially LAME.  I had mentioned the week before that a trip to Starbuck’s during an afternoon slump was ok because I would be up late anyway, doing laundry…she remembered this, and helped me to see HOW much I need to work on this goal.  

I used to be fun! I used to go out and do stuff, and not use the “i’m too tired/i want to put on my sweatpants” excuse…My social goal is to therefore NOT turn down invitations.  Granted, I can’t take on all invitations I receive (that would be counterproductive)…but when someone asks me to do something fun/that I would enjoy, I really need to make more of an effort to give it a whirl!  I can lounge in my sweats when I’m old! 

...or I could just wear my sweatpants out....;0)

Well there you have it… Fall Goals in all their glory!  

Sorry for such a lengthy/boring post.  It does feel nice to put that out there, though!  

Did you set goals this year?  How have they gone for you?  

Do you have any fall goals for yourself? Let me hear them!!!


Happy Fall!




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Music Makes the World Go Round!

It’s no secret…I.LOVE.Music.

Good music can turn a horrible day into a fantastic day (just ask my co-workers! ;0).

I basically love any genre…with the exception of one. I’ll leave that one a secret, for the slight chance that one of my seven readers is a fan of it. Growing up I listened to just about everything (from The Beatles to The Backstreet Boys, and Janis Joplin to Garth Brooks….we didn’t discriminate in our house!), and may or may not have spent my teen years basically on tour with…Hanson (but that’s neither here nor there). I know, i know. In my defense though, they were/are very talented individuals, who play their own instruments and actually write their own songs….=X

Sorry, where was I…

As you might recall from this post, I recently attended my FIRST Dave Matthews Band concert. In 4 days, I will be seeing my future husband (he just does not know this, yet).


surf board AND bike...*love*

Incase you aren’t up on cute surfer turned musicians, that would be Jack Johnson. So yes, another epic concert will be happening SOON!

Needless to say, when my bestie, Emma, asked if I wanted to attend a concert with her, for FREE i JUMPED at the opportunity! Emma is very fortunite in that her sis married a lovely british fella (with a super cool accent, and HILARIOUS sense of humor)…but along with all of that, he also came with a “professional chef to the musicians” brother. He is currently in the states with the british band, Muse, and was able to hook us up with some pretty stellar seats to Tuesday’s show!

I’m not gonna lie, I definitely had to download a few songs to even register who the band was. I hadn’t really been a huge fan of their music in the past, as they are a little more “hardcore” type of tunes than I typically listen to, but they had a few songs I enjoy. Definitely “pump you up” running type of music, but not something I would listen to on a regular basis!

The excitement for the show actually came when I was researching exactly where/what time they would be playing and I learned they had an opener the night of our show…and the opener happened to be one of my favorite “happy band/running tunes” bands; Passion Pit! I’m sure you may have heard a few of their more “popular” songs, “Little Secrets” and “Sleepyhead“.

Now I had even more reason to be excited; not only did i get to see my bestie, with free tickets…but one of my faves was opening!

I met Emma before the concert at Starbucks (after a failed attempt at Peet’s, which was our preference). We did what we do best and caught up/gossiped/took awkward photos and before long it was time to head to the show.

We picked up the tickets, and the lady at Will Call informed us that these were “great seats!”… they were.


While being frisked, Emma’s gigantic Polaroid camera was questioned.

blurry action shot...

Emma: “it’s a camera, i swear!”.

Security Guard: “oh, i believe you…but hey *other security guard*, take a look at this camera!” (yes Em, I do belive you were being made fun of!)

the camera in question...It takes credit-card sized Polaroids! So neat!!

While we waited for the show to start, we tried to connect with her brother-in-law(ish…not exactly sure what you call a brother in law’s brother…anyone know?), and continued to take an obnoxious amount of pictures…. Oh, we also people watched. I may or may not have captured more “random photos from my phone”, and one may or may not have been of a 65 year old grandma rocking out, but you’ll just have to wait and see! ;0)

patiently waiting!

I’m sad to say, Passion Pit sort of disappointed live. I mean, don’t get me wrong…They had a great stage presence and played my favorite tunes…I just feel that their instruments sort of drowned out the actual singing. Oh well, you can’t win them all. They are really a great/fun band, so one not so great performance won’t sway me!

Passion Pit doin' their thang.

***side note: Passion Pit has a very *different/distinct* type of background music, and during the show I was actually reminded of the Friends episode where Ross busts out his old keyboard…please tell me someone knows what i’m talking about***

Muse…oh how you surprised me.

As soon as the lights dimmed, and the pillars that were on stage lit up, I knew I was about to see something….awesome.


The opening “scene” of the concert was the silhouettes of individuals walking up what appeared to be stairs, and as the music got more intense, the figures started falling slowly down the stairs. CREEPY is an understatement.

As the figures started falling, so did the fabric attached to the pillars and the band was quickly revealed. Unlike a normal concert (belive me, nothing about this show was “normal”) the band was actually playing up on platforms, high above the actual stage.



Throughout the night they went between the stage and platforms. At one point, a grand piano (so sick!) was brought out for one of their “slower” songs.

i *loved* this part!

Like I said before, nothing about this show was “normal”…toward the end of the show, these GIANT eyeball balloon type objects fell from the top of the arena and were being batted around the crowd. When one was popped, confetti/tissue paper poured out. Although the “eyeball” was disturbing (there were a lot of “eyeball themed” things at this concert) it was still pretty cool.


here's lookin at you!

All in all the concert was fantastic, and I would recommend seeing this band live… if you are open minded with your music. They played an awesome live show, and the lead singer is actually quite the vocalist…Not to mention he is dating Kate Hudson! You can see Emma’s review here (along with her adorable blog!).

There was also such fantastic people watching to be had….we saw (as mentioned before) ages that ranged from ~8 to ~65, we saw an individual tackled to the ground by security, we saw illegal drug usage..awkward.

Oh, Hey Grandma!

I can’t wait to report back on my next concert. I definitely saved the best for last, and have been looking forward to this one since spring of this year when tickets went on sale!

If you don’t hear from me though, it just means i’ve been whisked away to the islands with Jack….(what? he’s married you say? way to crush a girls dreams….)

Sunday I will be out at a half marathon, practicing the sport of spectating! I was supposed to be running this race, but due to my recent ankle issues (and lack of running) racing just isn’t in the cards for me. I will be on my beach cruiser, cheering my face off though!

If anyone has any funny/cute/clever sign ideas, PLEASE post them! I have a few “that’s what she said” things in mind…but I feel like those should be reserved for races in which my co-workers are NOT running! ;0)

Also, on the subject of music…what is your favorite type of music/favorite band!? Any suggestions for me, I’m always looking to add to my tunes!!

Have a great weekend!



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