Music Makes the World Go Round!

It’s no secret…I.LOVE.Music.

Good music can turn a horrible day into a fantastic day (just ask my co-workers! ;0).

I basically love any genre…with the exception of one. I’ll leave that one a secret, for the slight chance that one of my seven readers is a fan of it. Growing up I listened to just about everything (from The Beatles to The Backstreet Boys, and Janis Joplin to Garth Brooks….we didn’t discriminate in our house!), and may or may not have spent my teen years basically on tour with…Hanson (but that’s neither here nor there). I know, i know. In my defense though, they were/are very talented individuals, who play their own instruments and actually write their own songs….=X

Sorry, where was I…

As you might recall from this post, I recently attended my FIRST Dave Matthews Band concert. In 4 days, I will be seeing my future husband (he just does not know this, yet).


surf board AND bike...*love*

Incase you aren’t up on cute surfer turned musicians, that would be Jack Johnson. So yes, another epic concert will be happening SOON!

Needless to say, when my bestie, Emma, asked if I wanted to attend a concert with her, for FREE i JUMPED at the opportunity! Emma is very fortunite in that her sis married a lovely british fella (with a super cool accent, and HILARIOUS sense of humor)…but along with all of that, he also came with a “professional chef to the musicians” brother. He is currently in the states with the british band, Muse, and was able to hook us up with some pretty stellar seats to Tuesday’s show!

I’m not gonna lie, I definitely had to download a few songs to even register who the band was. I hadn’t really been a huge fan of their music in the past, as they are a little more “hardcore” type of tunes than I typically listen to, but they had a few songs I enjoy. Definitely “pump you up” running type of music, but not something I would listen to on a regular basis!

The excitement for the show actually came when I was researching exactly where/what time they would be playing and I learned they had an opener the night of our show…and the opener happened to be one of my favorite “happy band/running tunes” bands; Passion Pit! I’m sure you may have heard a few of their more “popular” songs, “Little Secrets” and “Sleepyhead“.

Now I had even more reason to be excited; not only did i get to see my bestie, with free tickets…but one of my faves was opening!

I met Emma before the concert at Starbucks (after a failed attempt at Peet’s, which was our preference). We did what we do best and caught up/gossiped/took awkward photos and before long it was time to head to the show.

We picked up the tickets, and the lady at Will Call informed us that these were “great seats!”… they were.


While being frisked, Emma’s gigantic Polaroid camera was questioned.

blurry action shot...

Emma: “it’s a camera, i swear!”.

Security Guard: “oh, i believe you…but hey *other security guard*, take a look at this camera!” (yes Em, I do belive you were being made fun of!)

the camera in question...It takes credit-card sized Polaroids! So neat!!

While we waited for the show to start, we tried to connect with her brother-in-law(ish…not exactly sure what you call a brother in law’s brother…anyone know?), and continued to take an obnoxious amount of pictures…. Oh, we also people watched. I may or may not have captured more “random photos from my phone”, and one may or may not have been of a 65 year old grandma rocking out, but you’ll just have to wait and see! ;0)

patiently waiting!

I’m sad to say, Passion Pit sort of disappointed live. I mean, don’t get me wrong…They had a great stage presence and played my favorite tunes…I just feel that their instruments sort of drowned out the actual singing. Oh well, you can’t win them all. They are really a great/fun band, so one not so great performance won’t sway me!

Passion Pit doin' their thang.

***side note: Passion Pit has a very *different/distinct* type of background music, and during the show I was actually reminded of the Friends episode where Ross busts out his old keyboard…please tell me someone knows what i’m talking about***

Muse…oh how you surprised me.

As soon as the lights dimmed, and the pillars that were on stage lit up, I knew I was about to see something….awesome.


The opening “scene” of the concert was the silhouettes of individuals walking up what appeared to be stairs, and as the music got more intense, the figures started falling slowly down the stairs. CREEPY is an understatement.

As the figures started falling, so did the fabric attached to the pillars and the band was quickly revealed. Unlike a normal concert (belive me, nothing about this show was “normal”) the band was actually playing up on platforms, high above the actual stage.



Throughout the night they went between the stage and platforms. At one point, a grand piano (so sick!) was brought out for one of their “slower” songs.

i *loved* this part!

Like I said before, nothing about this show was “normal”…toward the end of the show, these GIANT eyeball balloon type objects fell from the top of the arena and were being batted around the crowd. When one was popped, confetti/tissue paper poured out. Although the “eyeball” was disturbing (there were a lot of “eyeball themed” things at this concert) it was still pretty cool.


here's lookin at you!

All in all the concert was fantastic, and I would recommend seeing this band live… if you are open minded with your music. They played an awesome live show, and the lead singer is actually quite the vocalist…Not to mention he is dating Kate Hudson! You can see Emma’s review here (along with her adorable blog!).

There was also such fantastic people watching to be had….we saw (as mentioned before) ages that ranged from ~8 to ~65, we saw an individual tackled to the ground by security, we saw illegal drug usage..awkward.

Oh, Hey Grandma!

I can’t wait to report back on my next concert. I definitely saved the best for last, and have been looking forward to this one since spring of this year when tickets went on sale!

If you don’t hear from me though, it just means i’ve been whisked away to the islands with Jack….(what? he’s married you say? way to crush a girls dreams….)

Sunday I will be out at a half marathon, practicing the sport of spectating! I was supposed to be running this race, but due to my recent ankle issues (and lack of running) racing just isn’t in the cards for me. I will be on my beach cruiser, cheering my face off though!

If anyone has any funny/cute/clever sign ideas, PLEASE post them! I have a few “that’s what she said” things in mind…but I feel like those should be reserved for races in which my co-workers are NOT running! ;0)

Also, on the subject of music…what is your favorite type of music/favorite band!? Any suggestions for me, I’m always looking to add to my tunes!!

Have a great weekend!




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3 responses to “Music Makes the World Go Round!

  1. Derrick

    Please tell me you gave a copy of PP to Emma to show them their music is awesome (in studio) 🙂

  2. Okay, so I stumbled on your blog from Kath Eats Real Food, and I just wanted to say that you have pretty excellent music tastes. That’s all.

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