this and that…

I know, right!? 

WHERE have I been!?

I know what you’re thinking…. “ran off with Jack Johnson, surfing her life away in beautiful Hawaii…” or “joined forces with the FBI (hello secret agents that are likely reading my blog now since I made that reference…I hope you find me entertaining, since you’re likely wasting work time stalking my blog posts now), and must be super secretive” but the truth is…I’m just really boring!

I like to think nothing has been going on in my life, but that is kind of far from the truth.  I just haven’t felt like blogging. I’ve been reading blogs like it’s my job, don’t get me wrong…I just haven’t felt the need to post anything of my own.

My really good friend started a blog today (I’ll post it once she gets content on it, it’s likely to be entertaining!) and it sort of lit a little fire under me to post. We will see if it stays… =0)

So what HAS been going on in my life, you ask? Let’s see here:

  • My best friend got engaged (!!!!!!)
  • My brother became an IRONMAN! We had phenominal signs (imho!)….i’m pretty sure that’s what got him though the 140+miles…and not his extensive training.

I'm pretty sure everyone in AZ knew this was my brother by the end... heh...what can i say, i was proud!my brother is pretty darn cool!

we were a hit!

  • I moved (yes, again) right in time for Christmas!

  • I had a lovely “Ugly Sweater” for our work Christmas party

it's hard being that cool...

  • I ran the Huntington Beach Half marathon (2:05:28, not my best…but for sure not my worst! it was my first lone-ranger half, and it was surprisingly fun running alone with just my thoughts! It was a beautiful course, and I had my Mom and Brother riding beach cruisers almost the ENTIRE course which was nice!)

*best* pit crew EVER!

  • I went to Disneyland after the race with my entire family (yes, 4 days of Disney after running a half, not recommended but a TON of fun)

  • I ran the Shamrock’n Half (most fun I’ve ever had at a race…hands down. the brother was in full on costume).


  • I visited my engaged BFF for some shenanigans, and wedding venue viewing (<3<3<3)
  • I attempted to single handedly taste-test every cupcake shop in CA.

also ridiculous....

Well, that about sums up my past few months!

So, I bet you’re ALSO wondering where I landed on my “Fall Goals” that I so boldly put out there for the whole world to see!?

Let’s see here:


Big Fat FAIL!

Although I have incorporated some strength classes into my routine, it wasn’t until about ONE month ago that it became a habit. oopsies.

That audacious relay goal time of under 9 min/mi… um, yeah…that happened. my time actually ended up being around a 9:40 min/mi. ooopsies again


I can proudly say I have my money in check (for once). I even paid off a CC. amazing.


I went the opposite direction with this one.  Since, as you read above, i’m working on my goal to try every cupcake in CA…this goal took the back-burner. ;0) I like to think of it as my hibernation weight? bleh. My winter coat is not looking to hot with this spring weather… not at all.

NO DONUTS!? DID I DO IT??????????????

I think this is the goal I’m most proud of.  For almost ONE entire month straight, I turned down dounts and bagels (free! from Noah’s!) each and every Friday that the auditors were here. it was hard. I had food pusher co-workers telling me “it’s ok, just have one”… I felt like I should be in a dark alley, and that perhaps my last name was “lohan”…. but I did it.  Now if only I could implement that kind of discipline into my everyday life, I’d be golden!


DFO – don’t freak out? more like DO FREAK OUT and while you’re at it BE AWKWARD and make everyone else feel awkward while you’re at it. ugh. working on it.

Social Goals? unless you call my new friends from the upper east side (GG! Holla!) social, then no…I did not meet this goal. I don’t think Blair would approve of my sweat pants though….

Well, I can’t guarantee anything as far as my consistency with the blog. I’d like to post more, but who knows. We will just have to see where the road takes me, and what’s going on with my life.

If anyone still reads this little piece of Janna’s crazy mixed up life in writing, I hope all is going well! I’ve likely still been stalking your blogs, pretending that I run fast, cook well and can pull off adorable outfits like you! =0)

Until next time –




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4 responses to “this and that…

  1. As usual, always entertaining!

  2. Good to see you back! Looks like you’ve been having a lot of fun, oh em gee on the cupcakes.

  3. Derrick

    Welcome back!

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