About Me


Where do I even begin…?

Well, after being inspired by many of you out there, and toying with the idea of starting my own blog for almost a year now, I’ve finally decided what better time than now?  


I am just your average twenty-something (I stopped counting years ago!) Accountant, Runner, Daughter, Sister, Friend that is just living and loving life…”keeping it real”.   I’m random, quirky, a bit obsessive, somewhat compulsive (ahhhem, you did read “accountant” in that fist sentence, what do you expect???) .  Oh, and i LOVE smores!

roasting the perfect 'mallow for the perfect SMORE!

I adore the beach, and everything about it (ocean, sand, sun, beach cruising, bon-fire, SMORES) and am certain I will live in a beach town someday!

❤ San Diego

❤ San Diego

I have two older brothers (they’re the BEST!), a Mom (also the best, and basically my BFF!), a Dad, a sister-in-law, two nieces, a nephew, and a dog which I adopted from one of my clients during my stint in Public accounting (more about that later).  I have two of the very best friends that I’ve been friends with since grade school, and I couldn’t imagine life without them! I also have a few “new” friends I’ve picked up along the way through college, and employment after college! I also don’t know what I’d do without THEM! Pretty much the most funny group of people I’ve met. Ever.

my family....

although this is more likely how you will find us!



I love to exercise, with my workouts mostly consisting of running but recently also including cycling and some strength classes! Look out world, Janna’s gettin fit!  I like to think of myself as an “in shape” person!  I’ve run a marathon for goodness sake but I am by no means skinny, nor do I want to be!  I dig my curves…With that being said though, I would like to lose a few L-B’s, tone up all while documenting the process!

Day to Day:

I like to describe my thoughts like someone tuning a radio…really fast! That is how my mind works.  I have so many thoughts, constantly, and wish I could write it all down or tell people! lol That is likely what you’ll find here, my random daily life, in fast forward, with a little exercise, food, and money talk mixed in! = )

I often tell my friends I should have been a  radio show host… I could just tell about all the random crazy things that happen in my life,  and create hours of entertainment….believe me! Who else, in ONE year could fall down a flight of stairs, total their car (i won’t say how, but i will say it *might* have involved a phone, and i *might* have only shared that with ONE friend…until now! sorry mom!!! =(, bought a car, moved 3 times, run a 5K, 10K, two half marathons and one full marathon, cracked their head open and received staples, had 2 urgent care visits and 3 ER visits, stayed at possibly the JANKIEST motel in the history of jankey motels for work, tripped and fell while running and got ROAD RASH covering their face, flew somewhere for a job interview, declined said job offer, and quit their job in the worst economy in YEARS. SEE, you will NOT be disappointed!

a few of my "Team in Training" ladies! =0)

me with my poor road rashed face! =0(

Marathon Finishers!

visit numero tres to the ER!

But alas, I missed my calling and ended up with a degree in ACCOUNTING! I know, I know…numbers are for nerds!  Well, I might be the biggest self proclaimed nerd of them all!  I graduated in 2007 with a degree in Professional Accounting, and went on to work at a CPA firm for two years.  No, I have not passed my CPA exams…. yet!  So, don’t ask me to do your taxes… at least for a few more years! = ) 

I recently left my job in public accounting, where the hours were LOOOOONG, the stress was killer! and I’m pretty sure my booty got the brunt of all the stress eating. Baby *definitely* got back during those two years! My new career venture is a job in private accounting, working as an accountant  at a large corporation.  I Love, love, love my new job, and all of the new and challenging responsibilities I’ve been getting (the booty likes it too, like i said, Janna is gettin fit!). As nerdy as it is, i truly do like Accounting!

What you’ll find here:

Along with my random daily life, and “keeping it real”,  I will also bring you some of my passions!

While living on my own had a TON of fantastic perks (you can leave your clothes in the washer as LONG as you want, dishes in the sink, shower with the door open, stay in pjs allllllll day if you want), it also bears the burden of ALL the chores, bills and grocery expenses falling on YOU.  I decided recently, after reviewing my “spending report” (thanks a lot bank! YOU are the contributing factor to the limiting of my FROYO habit) that it was time to start really tracking my expenditures, eat out less, and really start being conscious of everything…. “keeping it real”.  I also moved in with my bachelor of a brother (holla!) to help us both save a little money.   I wanted to show that being healthy on a budget CAN be done by everyday people, and you don’t have to be famous, work only part time or be some sort of health-nut-bajillionaire to do so!  

I’ve always had a fascination with NUTRITION!  Perhaps it stemmed from always struggling with weight, therefore always being well aware of nutrition information (whether it was being aware that i was just going to blow it, and consume enough food to feed a small country) or aware in the sense that I KNOW the type of fuel our bodies need, I KNOW the amounts of fuel our bodies need, and I KNOW the benefits of a healthy lifestyle (I won’t say diet, it is a four letter word in my life!).    I try very hard to steer clear of foods ingredients I do not recognize, or can’t pronounce.  I’m all about “keeping it real” in respect to foods, as well.

Where that leaves us:

I want to be able to share not only my day to day quirkiness (hey, I missed my radio show calling), but also share my passion for running, fitness, healthy eating, budgeting and tips on STAYING WITHIN your budget (all the while purchasing healthy items), and  basically just “keeping it real”.  I hope you check back, and keep up with me on my journey! =0)


9 responses to “About Me

  1. Callie

    Hi! I stumbled onto your blog, and I just wanted to comment about our very similar life situation. I graduated with a degree in accounting in 2008, and I also went on to work at a public firm, which I absolutely hated. I quit after only one year in spite of the worst economy, and I have worked in several jobs since then. I was just wondering if you could provide me with more details about transitioning to private accounting. What makes private accounting more enjoyable? What position did you take in the private accounting industry? How did you go about searching for jobs? I have almost give up on accounting in general. The stress and pressure of working in the public industry actually led me to an eating disorder, which is part of the reason that I had to leave the firm, and since then, I have been through inpatient care and I am recovering. I just think that my next step is to figure out my career options. I would love your advice. Please feel free to email me.

  2. Hey, I just found your blog through KERF. I like reading your posts a lot – you’re a wonderfully positive person 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Love your outlook and blog!

  4. Hi there…just found your blog. I just want to say hello and let you know that I stopped by.

    We have a few things in common, I’m an accountant, I’m interested in nutrition and I live in California (SoCal).

    I’ve always worked in the private sector and currently working on getting my license 🙂

    I have some catching up to do your posts. I’m glad I found your blog.

  5. Wow–I admire the fact that you’re a runner. I’ve tried getting into it (ok, only twice …) and I feel like dying after about 2 minutes …

  6. kendra

    Hey! I have a quick question regarding your blog. Would you mind shooting me an email when you get a free moment?

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